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    A call to all you FMA practitioners. Speak up!

    I have been a Filipino martial arts practitioner since 1970 promoting Maharlika Kuntaw since 1974, tho to hear it from the Kuntaw camp- I am a charlatan and a fake. A top competitor in the Michigan and Can Am Karate circuits for many years and finally retired at age 60.
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    Latest TSA News 7/18/11

    Personally, I would not fly in a plane where the passengers were not screened. Complain all you want, but the alternative is more deadly.
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    What does Black Belt mean to "YOU".

    Every once in a while, one of my students makes a comment, makes an observation, or just does something so nice it makes me cry. Being an instructor carries with it ,great responsibilities to give out information and to challenge minds to learn. Sometimes the challenge goes un fullfilled...
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    The Guitar Thread

    This is "Baby" I made this guitar out of Rock Maple with the guidance of master guitar maker Tim Jagmin. It is a double neck thru semi hollow bass and 6 string combo with EMG pick ups and schaller hardware, plays like a dream , not too heavey, not hard to play.
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    Belt Rankings in FMA

    I have been teaching and promoting Kuntaw since 1973, since that time I have only advanced 14 people to the rank of black belt. I have a belt ranking system that does not go on a time in rank but strictly by skill level. I do this by a passbook. This book is set up for the rank to be tested...
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    Belt Rankings in FMA

    With Arnis being accepted as the national sport of the Philippines , I am sure that belt ranks are going to be the way they arragnge competitions. Adapt , or get left on the side of the road. I do not like the idea of belts, but, there is not a better way to catagorize a persons ability if...
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    Maharlika Kuntaw

    I wish I knew how to do that
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    Maharlika Kuntaw

    Well, if you look at their lists of high ranked Kuntaw people- none- NONE are actively promoting the Name nor are they in the public eye. I have been actively promoting the original style of Kuntaw for almost 36 years. I have written articles, competed in almost every venue, and have given...
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    Maharlika Kuntaw

    Wow, wait a few weeks and they raise it a notch- I am now listed as a 7th degree. I need witnesses!!! He he
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    Maharlika Kuntaw

    That's ok , I found it and printed it. I now have hard copies. Also I have it on hard drive. So there can be no deny a bil ity
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    Maharlika Kuntaw

    not sure how to find it- I am not a computer wiz
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    Iron Body Safest Method?

    Me< I play guitar and like my body as it is- not looking like I have been dragged behind a dune buggy for a mile. It takes years of conditioning to get the desired effect on the body where as, if you just learned not to be there ( where the attack is being delivered) you would spend less...
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    Anyone know guitars?

    I know guitars- but mainly basses. Like they said before- if the neck is straight and it doesn't make a bunch of static- you spent 100.00 for a good start.