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    Learning much higher ranked forms...

    Over 5 years ago now, wow.. time flies, I studied bak sil lum. The system has 10 open hand forms. Theres a couple others that have somehow found themselves to be traditionally taught before a person learns the 10 forms of BSL but the system itself is 10 forms. Theyre numbered 1-10 but thats...
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    Second stripe

    Day to day, its not always easy to see the growth. The stripes are nice reminders of how youve stuck with it and continuing on the path. My last school didnt do stripes but my current one days. Im a fan as long as people remember (like the belts) that theyre an indicator of where youre at...
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    I'm not a karateka, not a judoka, not a boxer. I'm a martial artist.

    I just tell people I like to roll around on the ground with sweaty men. It gets the blood pumping.
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    After 70 years in BJJ Flavio Behring promoted to White Belt with Red Bar

    Youve got to keep in mind that rank beyond black belt is not about skill. Once a person makes black belt theyre considered an expert and inheritor of the art. Starting with the first stripe (first degree.. a little different from other arts), its about continuing to progress the art through...
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    Looking for a good punching bag.

    Siblings work well.
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    Hello from Okinawa

    I was stationed on Kadena from 2005 - 2009. It was my second duty assignment. Oh man did I love it there. I did a brief stint of Aikikai aikido when I was there but, like everyone else here, was foolish to not really take advantage of the opportunity in front of me. I did enjoy the diving and...
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    Weight difference causing problems

    That's how I like to focus and, I think, a lot of people gravitate that way after spending a little time in the art. In the beginning, the drive is the tap. It's not to say that I don't still think "awesome", when I catch someone, but I'm looking for what I did wrong in order to find out what I...
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    Rolling with spazzies.

    In the US, calling someone spazzy or spastic is a little derogatory. Its not something you call someone as a means of endearment, but after reading how you all use the word, holy crap is it a world of difference. Its good to know so I dont drop into a UK school and call someone spastic.
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    Weight difference causing problems

    With two guys with relatively the same amount of training, the bigger and stronger person is going to have an advantage. You're definitely a skinny dude... I'm about the same height but 3+ stones heavier than you. It's not always about knowing how to do a technique. It's when to use the...
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    Rolling with spazzies.

    I'd like to think I'm a pretty good blue but I still occasionally wind up in compromising positions from white belts who are aggressive. That white belt sometimes has a few years experience in wrestling. Do I have tools to deal with it? Yeah but it's a completely different training experience...
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    Rolling with spazzies.

    Yeah, that was just one example I've seen. People wind up doing all kinds of things when they don't really know what to do.
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    Rolling with spazzies.

    As a bigger guy, I think I'm more inclined to roll with the spazzies. I don't have as much fear of accidentally getting hurt... although it can still happen. I can understand the reluctance of someone who is 50 lbs lighter than me... or a female who might literally be half my size/100 lbs...
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    Inverted arm bar from the back

    It depends on your style. At this point you're still just drinking from a firehose but eventually you'll open up your guards and butterfly is a fairly common open guard... at least the "hooks" in it are.
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    Beginner Sparring Part 2

    We spar/roll every class and it's from day one. The beginner classes tend to be all 1 or 2 minute positional sparring rounds to try to reinforce the day's lessons. The advanced classes has a bit of positional sparring mixed with a bunch of free sparring afterwards.
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    Taking a break from Kempo...

    Welcome to the dark side.