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    Problem student

    Yes and no on the instructor I am not the soke but I am the second in charge and kudos to you Omar I wish it was as simple as a little attitude adjustment with a shinine but as you said different place different time he is 12 I realize he is still a kid but I don't give a #%*^ he is a purple...
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    Problem student

    I am a sensei at a small dojo and have a problem with one of my students now when i say i have a problem its not that i dont like him its that he is egotistical he is young i realize but he is a purple belt and i believe he should be more mature than what he acts he has already decided that he...
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    Fighting Stance

    When i am teaching and in class i use a standard stance with a nice solid stance and hands up and out on my own i keep my elbows in tight and my hands up i make my target as small as possible
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    Need help with dive rolls

    The most importnant par of a roll is tilt your head when you go to roll aact like someone is pulling your ar between your legs and just fall forward for a regular roll a dive roll is the same principle only you are moving forward. Just remember to roll on your shoulder good luck with your test
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    do you think kata and kiai is necessary and good in ma?

    I believe kata is neccessary to a point when you are young and learning an art yes it is neccessary because it gives you a basis on your strikes and blocks as for the kias yes because you must learn to get the air out of your body quickly once you become a black belt it is up to you on the...
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    The Mother of all Postures?

    ''So whats with the horse stance...was it ever a part of actual combat, or just an isometric strength exercise?'' YES IT IS SOMEWHAT AN EXERCISE THAT MAKES OUR LEGS STRONGER BUT YES AT ONE TIME IT WAS USED VERY FREQUENTLY IN COMBAT, DURING THE DAYS OF THE SAMURAI ARCHERS RODE ON HORSEBACK...
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    Suspend and/or Expel Student

    Thankfully none yet there have been a few times where i have come close though here receintly
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    Dreaming about Self Defense?

    Yes you are normal, all martial artist have these types of nightmares i have many times the nightmares help us they show what could happen if we mess up and that encourages you to train harder and get better
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    The Way A Black Belt Test Should Be.

    I feel that a bb test should consist of everything. Not everything out there but everything that is part of your system, all the katas one steps throws sweeps joint locks ect. Whatever you do in your system should be on the test
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    Hardcore martial arts classes

    I along with a few of the other black belts have tought about doing this just amoungst ourselves and a few other students we think would be able to keep up with the pace of a more intense class its always a good idea you just need to get everything planned out before you do it best of luck
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    Your Belt

    I fold it in half then half again and half again then lay it in my gear bag along with my gi
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    Thats why they call the martial arts a journey each grading becomes more and more intense at first there are just a few things to remember later on a few grades up there is much more to remember and when you reach the top you have to remember all of what you have learned
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    So you're in your yard, minding your own business, swinging around weapons...

    I practice around the back and front yard mainly because of the space especially during the warmer months my neighbors have seen me before but the dont pay much attention because they know me and my background
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    Five year old is a first dan black belt...

    Its not the fact of the matter that we are taking this seriously that a five year old has recieved a bb but in a way we are yes a black belt is just that a peice of material that is black and you wear it but it is the principle a black belt holds a lot of meaning it is symbolic of any art
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    Traditional or MMA preference

    Both i prefer to stick to tradition but also like some of the aspects of the mma style