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  • So good to see you again my friend :) Hope all is well out there on that other coast!
    I see you have a poodle(x) too. I will have to post some pictures of my beasts including my poodle ( apocalypse poodle) once we get set up in the new house. There are some cool people here, aren't there. you're one. Lori
    Mark, here's to you for being part of the solution. I have worked with FAS kids and young adults and have a vague idea of what some of your students must be like. I have not a 1/3 your patience or wisdom. Wow, well done sir.
    Lori M

    Happy Birthday....BTW...received friend request and left one for you as well.

    Hey Mark, I just wanted to say happy birthday :) 57 wow! Yet you have the spirit and heart of one twenty years your junior, and the wit and erudition of one twenty years your senior. Hope you have / had a blessed day :) Jenna x
    Studied San Soo with GM Bill Lasiter as well as getting input/guidance from Master Ron Gatewood and Master Barbara Wallace. Yourself?
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