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    EPAK schools in SoCal

    If I were in SoCal and were looking for a school, I would take a trip to Pasadena to see Larry Tatum. If someone didn't want to train with Tatum, Rick Jeffcoat is a great 7th degree black belt who studied for years under Tatum. He is actually in Pasadena, as well, about 2 miles from Tatum's...
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    Should People Wear High Rank?

    Are there specific differences in the testing process for numerical rank and academic rank? If so, can you detail some of those distinctions?
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    Kenpo in Combat Sports

    Any theories on why more kenpoists don't enter mma? With the exception of Chuck Lidell (and I don't think his fighing style is indicative of kenpo), none of the kenpoists mentioned have had rousing success in mma. This is often cited as evidence by mma enthusiasts and stylists as evidence that...
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    The Vice & Delayed Sword

    You would have the same effect unless you change the method of execution of the kick from snap to thrust, though. That would defeat the purpose of the technique because the hand sword to the neck would be tough to land without shuffling in. You lose the power gained from acheiving meeting force...
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    Kenpo 5.0

    Excellent point...I totally agree. You can't teach groundfighting piecemeal like kenpo is taught. Groundfighting takes a comprehensive approach to learn a variety of positions, then escapes, then submissions. It's a progression that cannot be circumvented by teaching one or two or a dozen...
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    Should People Wear High Rank?

    All numerical ranks are emeritus or honorary. Academic rank titles are specifically linked to ability and knowledge and teaching certification levels. Therefore a person who has trained for an extended period for personal reasons may gain numerical rank. It does not allow, or bestow any academic...
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    What is "the entire system" ?

    I'm a big believer in leaving the system the way Ed Parker outlined in Infinite Insights. Adding to that curriculum is not a problem. I don't like when people delete from that standard, however. Parker defined the minimum requirements for AK. Now, I certainly believe that kenpo is not without...
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    Should People Wear High Rank?

    Rank would not be such a touchy subject if it was actually objective. Think of college degrees. A board of regents sets up very objective criteria for one to be awarded a bachelor's, masters, or terminal degree. If you meet those standards, you are awarded the degree...period. If martial arts...
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    Should People Wear High Rank?

    I see a purpose for rank from white belt to 5th black: it denotes your level of education in the system. What purpose does rank after 5th black serve? In the military, rank indicates a command structure. It tells personnel who is in charge in a given situation...or who should assume...
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    Kenpo 5.0

    My only concern with Kenpo 5.0...and I only seen videos, so, I don't know how it is taught in actual classroom that positions are not thoroughly taught before moving into submissions. You can teach the submissions, but without a fundamental knowledge of the details of how to...
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    Kenpo in Phx,AZ

    Clyde is in Phoenix. My instructor is one of his students. If you want his contact info, go ahead and pm me. He knows his stuff. In addition to kenpo, he has alot of experience with other systems. Most of all, he is not afraid to get out on the mats and pressure test his art against anyone. So...
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    How do you spar

    Can you please explain the benefits derived from your second type of sparring as opposed to your first?
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    Weapon Techniques

    This discussion may be a little above my pay grade, but is there any defense in kenpo against the guy who tries to pick you off a piece at a time with knife jabs and slashes? What can you do against that kind of attack, period? If an opponent doesn't commit, what options do you have? You'll have...