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    Testing for my First Belt!

    Congrats! Way to go. Feels good doesn't it? It only gets better.
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    Patch Placement on Uniform

    My instructor used to sew them on his students gi himself. He wanted to make sure there was continuity in the uniforms. Check with yours to make sure you are putting on the right ones they allow and where they will go.
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    What's YOURS?

    Alternating Maces here.
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    KT:What rank is your teacher?

    My primary instructor is a 6th degree only because he is the one that can promote me. The person I work with the most however is a 2nd degree.
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    Promoting Organization

    Doesn't matter baby as long as you are learning. Nobody asks you your rank after you drop em. :)02-25-2007 01:10 PM Except maybe the attorney for the prosecution! Doc, Would I be better off not being ranked when I take the stand to defend my actions? This question may be for another...
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    True Parker?

    I too have the Hale journal. It is well done and easy to use. The information is a great reference even for those of us that have studied a slightly different version of the techniques presented in the Journal. The historical pictures are a nice bonus. Doc, I'll go 25% of the guarantee for...
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    KT:What Non-EPAK Material Do You Practice?

    TOD, I will release Kenpotroops secret least on me. He has monkey arms! His arms are longer than my legs so I avoid sparring him whenever I can. You are more his size TOD. If anyone has a "secret weapon" for me to use against him please let me know. I am vertically challenged...
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    Promoting Organization

    Doc, Thanks for the reply. You make a good point and helps me put it into perspective. I guess I will just go back to being a white belt in a black belt package or vice-a-versa depending on who's looking. Today I feel like a grandmaster...tomorrow may be a different story. Steve
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    Promoting Organization

    Thanks Ceicei for your thoughts. Makes sense. Now on another thread Mr. Brown of the UKF says there aren't any 7th degrees in that organization. So I guess it was just for "recognition" purposes. I would like to be recognized for my accomplishments and contributions to Kenpo by that group...
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    Promoting Organization

    From my understanding a large majority of those promoting this person were from the kenpo master list of which one was his instructor.
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    Promoting Organization

    Just a general question about promotions to higher ranks by members of different organizations. I read on another forum that a senior kenpoist was promoted by and kicked into the next rank by a group of well known masters. Each of these masters all have their own associations or organizations...
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    Ed Parker Jr. names his father's successor: GM Michael Pick !!!

    I found it curious when the "S" word was spoken too. I appreciate the passion the poster on KN has for Kenpo and his instructor and the Parker family. I'm sorry it had to be misinterpreted and then put out there for us to discuss. A good discussion nonetheless. However, I think it is over...
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    Defense Against The Hairgrab

    I just taught a self "awareness" class. Notice I didn't call it a self-defense class. It was to a group of 4H teens at the local school. I covered awareness items and focused on how to avoid situations and vulnerable areas where they live. In the two hours I had it was not a time to teach a...
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    Kenpo Kids Curriculum

    I agree that to keep the kid's interest and motivation you have to allow them to progress at a reasonable rate and not overwelm them with details of physics and motion that they are not capable of understanding or don't care about at their age. I saw this in the face of a youngster last night...
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    Pasadena Group Photo

    I see Mr. Mitchell has posted two pictures on his site of what appears to be the same group perhaps by two different photograghers. One pic shows Mr. Trejo in the back and one with Mr. Trejo to the far right. I wonder who has the rights to which one...or who cares. My position is that we...