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    Master Key Moves

    I love to read these boards. I know Mr. Parker wanted all Martial Artists to think logically, but did he want them to steal his terminology too? I am entertained by the notion that all of a sudden people are placing Mr. Parker's terms on old "Shaolin Kempo" a.k.a. Villari Kempo. Where was the...
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    bowing to buddah variations

    No. I disagree. I have seen and still am learning how the forms were laid out and why things were done they were done. I am not saying you can't do Bowing to Buddha by changing "your" angle. But why? You learn in Swinging Pendulum that standing in the line of attack for the roundhouse kick is a...
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    bowing to buddah variations

    or people really don't understand the system and change things to "make" them work when they really don't need to be changed
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    bowing to buddah variations

    In conversations with my instructors they say that in their conversations with Ed Parker that the techniques were in no particular order and that the forms were the real study of motion.
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    Different/Multiple Curriculum?

    History is great! But the real questoin I have is why Nick Cerio left Ed Parker's Association? As an aside why did he "steal" the names of Ed Parker's Kenpo techniques for his own system?
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    Joe Palanzo's Kenpo Self Protection.

    If the right arm is in the proper position and not too far stretched then re-cocking shouldn't be necessary. The right chop (slicing chop) as I was taught, is somewhat a minor move to set up the major move, that being the straight finger thrust to the eyes with the left (or heelpalm depending on...
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    Joe Palanzo's Kenpo Self Protection.

    Can't get the darn vids to play...:-( Who knows? Maybe his blocking arm is extended too far out to get good travel for an affective strike?
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    Kids Fire Safety around Christmas time

    In addition to teaching Kenpo, I am a full time Paramedic. Myself and others across the United States that do this type of work see things on a daily basis that most ordinary people just couldn't fathom. As such, we sometimes find ourselves in the middle of family crisis. One such instance...
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    Are lapel grabs realistic attacks?

    You mean you don't want to be "Super Fly" :roflmao: :asian: :asian: :asian:
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    Are lapel grabs realistic attacks?

    I like Mace of Aggression. The principle of Purposeful Compliance (Yielding to pressure an opponent exerts against your body in order to utilize the force exerted against them) is wonderful. I however teach it differently than what some have posted. I utilize an inward downward diagonal raking...
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    Ed Parker's high kneel

    Mr. Parker's Infinite Insights into Kenpo, Volume II, pg 73. "Three facts explain its use. First, the body drops in height thereby giving power to a downward strike (principle of Gravitational Marriage), avoids an attack, or reaches a low target. Second, as with most stance changes, there is...
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    Ed Parker's high kneel

    In all my years training I've always heard it referred to as a "high wide kneel" by Planas and those from his line. Basically it refers to "breaking your heel" I.e. raising the foot onto the ball in a "wide kneel fashion", allowing the person to shift their weight more easily. It goes to the old...
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    question about five swords

    Thanks again Doc. Your statement just re-affirms what Mr. Wedlake told me about the technique. I love it when I hear other students of Mr. Parker telling the same stuff. I just makes my belief that much more concrete. :asian:
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    The war on rank

    That's not entirely true either.