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    Three word story...

    polishing didn't work
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    To The Moderators

    Welcome to MartialTalk!
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    Welcome to MT!
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    Happy New Year !

    Happy New Year
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    Newbie to the forum

    Welcome to MT!
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    Happy New Year MT

    Happy New Year to all and I wish you all a wonderful 2008 !!!!
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    Hello from Bay area California

    Welcome to MT!
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    GSP vs. Hughes III

    Great Fight also!
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    Chuck Liddel vs. Wanderli Silva!

    Great Fight!
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    Hello from the Rockies!

    Welcome to MT
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    Christmas Tree

    Artifical Tree
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    Greetings from Houston

    Welcome to MT and enjoy!
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    The Casino Thread!

    I would like to have a regular (or semi Regular) Friday night Texas Holdem match around 9 Est, but whatever works for anyone else, I'm ok with that. Just post here the date and time, I will pop in and play.
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    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays and A Wonderful New Years to all, :-partyon: