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    INSPIRE Martial Arts launches!

    Generally, i love the concept of the website and I think the aesthetics are quite pleasing. However it seems like your website should be named "Inspire sports" rather than inspire martial arts. With the pictures you have put up and video of the football inspiration, it seems like you are going...
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    What is a "Martial Artist"

    I've asked myself this question as well. When did I consider myself an actual martial artist? When I reached black belt? No way! Then i only THOUGHT I was skilled. When I first ranked up in belt? Are you serious, i couldn't defend myself from a fly! When i had put a few years into it? Since when...
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    Do you think martial arts are more mental or physical?

    I think that we can all agree that studying any art will help you gain control of both your body and your mind, as well as provide healing properties, physical fitness, and mental calmness, but when when it comes to actually performing your art - whether that is on the street, in a tournament...
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    What Art do u practice?

    TKD mixed with some Krav maga
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    Century Kicks, sizing question

    I really thought your question would be answered by now, but since it hasn't been: It really doesn't matter. Just get some that feels good to wear. Honestly, everyone in my class has footwear that is too small, but let's be honest here, boots aren't really needed anyway. The point of them is to...
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    The Generalist and The Specialist

    Instinct. Thinking is mostly in the initial part of the engagement. If you spend too much time thinking mid engagement ( besides the minimal amount needed to keep you safe ) you will mess up. You don't have time to think "okay so if i do this, he will do this, which will open me for this, which...
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    The Knowledge Barrier

    This concept also applies to life itself, and it is exactly What Nietzche addressed in his superman theory. According to the superman theory, there are some men who will rise above all they were taught and all they "know" to be true to eventually become a complete individual with their own...
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    The Generalist and The Specialist

    Honestly, I think being a generalist or a specialist is less about the body and more about the mind. I recently start krav maga, and on the first day, after telling the instructor I had trained 11 years in TKD, the instructor replied "oh man, we have a LOT of bad habits to break". By the end of...
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    Messed up something at Krav Maga today.

    alright guys. After talking with some other people we all think it is sprained. The funny thing is that although my muscles won't allow me full range of motion, my hand is still capable of it without any pain whatsoever ( if I put my hand against a wall, or grab a cup or something that contorts...
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    Messed up something at Krav Maga today.

    While punching the bag I threw an incorrect punch and messed up something in my hand. I didn't really even noticed until after I was already done with class ( about 45 minutes later ). Meaning it didn't even effect me doing all of the other moves. I don't feel any pain and icing it down and...
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    Getting teeth embedded into your hands

    One thing I've seen multiple times now are people ( particularly medical workers ) speaking of guys coming in at 2 am in the morning with teeth stuck in their knuckles from punching someone in the mouth. Now at first I thought what was the big deal, but when I heard that It could get infected...
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    Conditioning Your Hands

    The way I see it, I am a strong believer of strike hard with soft and soft with hard. If you are afraid of breaking your hand on the hard skull, then use palm strikes to that area instead of punches. Do it it right, and it will still hurt just as bad if not more so. The simple way to test this...
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    Russian Martial artists defeats guy on the street.

    Not true. The majority of fights on youtube are recorded by people not in the fight...actually I'm willing to be 100% are...considering you can record a fight if you are in one. Which means that a lot of those recordings will be from people who don't know the two fighters in the slightest...
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    Russian Martial artists defeats guy on the street.

    I'm not sure what happened here, why they are fighting, what part of Russia this is from or even what style the winner has trained in ( My guess, Russian Sanda or some other form of kickboxing ), but for some reason they both decide to fight ( as evident by them putting the dukes up....not sure...
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    What INSPIRES you?

    Sounds like an interesting project, but just make sure you consult people before you publish their words onto your website. I'm sure most of us here wouldn't care, but if you are pulling information from elsewhere as well, it make be the right course of action.