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    KenpoJoe's Birthday!

    So I just got back from KenpoJoe's Birthday Party, it was huge and he got some amazing gifts with some amazing people there. So, to my friend of 20 years, my instructor of 16 years I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rebelo Sensei!!! Love you bro, and here's to 50 more! To those who missed the huge bash at...
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    Training after surgery? I'M BACK!!!

    Well, for those who asked me to keep you updated, and for anyone else interested, my first fusion was unsuccessful, I'm going under the knife again on Dec. 17th. I'll have 2 orthopedic surgeons and a neurosurgeon, they'll be using bone from my own hip as a graft and a bovine protein that over...
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    returning to the dark side

    Indeed, after all, Kenpo IS the black sheep of the Martial Arts ;) Have fun getting back into it!!!
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    Where Is the "Ohana" In Kenpo?

    I couldn't agree more Thesemindz. In the end, it's up to us to teach the next batch of Masters to be open to all. :)
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    It doesn't matter. (???)

    I have a few students who are handicapped or can't move in the same way everyone else does, or other students that the bunkai just won't work unless we move things around a bit. So, if you looked at all my students, about 90% do things the same, but about 10% of them have their kata modified for...
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    How far would you travel to train......

    I guess all I can add is that, while there are plenty of Kem/npo schools in Worcester, where I live, I'll still travel around 2 hours to train with Rebelo Sensei, up to twice a week, and I can't wait until I have surgery on the 17th, and heal up so I can get back to doing so! :D If the...
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    Training after surgery? I'M BACK!!!

    Thank you Sensei, it was great, and a PLEASURe as always to see you and Sifu blackwell and have you as guests in my home once again. Hope you're able to use some of the uniforms I gave you!!! Thanks again, and I WILL be back training with you ASAP!!!
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    I am back

    Welcome Back Manny, I'm still recovering from a spinal fusion in May, and just found out yesterday, may need some more lower back surgery, but I can't wait to get back to my training, right now all I can do is teach private lessons, I hope everything gets better for you and you continue feeling...
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    Training after surgery? I'M BACK!!!

    Thanks everyone :)
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    East Coast Workout Anyone?

    If it's in Mass, count me in!!! If it's after the 12th, I'll be out with my fiance and soon to be stepkids from June 30th - July 12th. I just had a spinal fusion, so I might not be in top form, but I'll be there!!!
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    Sad News

    I'm truly sorry to hear this, I was hoping to get a few lessons in before I move to PA, I hope Kiko will be well...
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    Training after surgery? I'M BACK!!!

    After nearly 2 years of extreme pain and disability, I finally gave in and had spinal fusion, the operation lasted nearly 14 hours and has left me immobile (for the time being) and slight paralysis in my right leg, I also have no feeling in parts of my right leg and the back of my head, but that...
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    Professor Ferreira Moves to CT

    I've missed training with Professor, and I'd love to see he and Keiko-san again! As soon as I'm healed from my recent spinal fusion, I'll be sure to try and get a few lessons before I move to Pennsylvania!!!
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    Never Surrender

    I just saw them both in the "other" movie they just made together, "Death Warriors", he was in it for all of 5 minutes (St-Pierre), and yes, it was MST3K material. When you advertise Rashad Evans, Keith Jardine, George St-Pierre and Rampage Jackson, you expect to see them for more than 2 minutes...