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    Darting Leaves

    I learned the extended version the kid in the vid shows from "the horse's mouth", so to speak. The biomechanics of the downward palm don't knock the head back, as much as function to compress the cervical spine, loading the vertical axis of the attacker in order to root him in place. The...
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    Universal Kenpo

    My teacher of about 14 years started in KeMpo in England and Australia in the late 60's and early 70's, lateraled to a Tracy garage school for a spell, then to Parker kenpo, then moved to Hawaii for several years to get his black belt from Professor Chow; then moved to Japan for a spell, to...
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    Do you know your Kenpo lineage?

    True, AND he did his studies to GET to his black belt in KENPO, under Mr. Tatum. Even if he got picked up by Mr. P after that, the main guy who taught him most of the corpus of the kenpo system was NOT Mr. P. It seems good form, IMO, to mention those along the way. I have some past teachers I'm...
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    Do you know your Kenpo lineage?

    Required and Elegant = 2 different animals.
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    Do you know your Kenpo lineage?

    Missing Mr. Tatum's tenure as the hands-on teacher for most of Mr. Speakman's kenpo-learning career.
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    IKKA Red belt

    Some of David Germans lineages inserted a red belt between green and brown, as a "side-step" away from the kenpo-ish cirriculum, to focus on grappling and bagwork/focus pad work/makiwara. The cert captioned above is signed by Jim Fredericks; he might be the best guy to contact, in order to ask...
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    Too Intellectual????

    Right. Good time to shoot on someone, or slug them in the back of the neck or head.
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    Too Intellectual????

    Very likely. We have a plethora of MMA gyms in the area. Heck, I ran one in the mid-nineties. The guys around here happily refer to kenpo as a TMA, which I find ironic. Mr. Parkers black belts used to be excluded from TMA tournaments. One of my favorite stories from the early days. The JMA...
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    Too Intellectual????

    Sure. The MMA propensity towards calling kenpo a TMA is patently ludicrous. MMA is a blend of recent and older fighting art approaches. So is kenpo. MMA, because of the level of athleticism required to prepare for the ring, views the rest of the "unconditioned" martial arts world as being as...
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    Too Intellectual????

    The cycle of Life... empires rise, ebb, flow, and decline. With the years left to me, I hope to share my model of kenpo with a few more people before I die... hopefully, a few people who will pass it on. I am -- as with so many things -- of two minds about martial conduct in places like forums...
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    Scientific Study Says People Are Too Stupid for Democracy

    I have always despised the idea that anyone in the US can vote, and have that vote cancel out the thought-out and informed perspectives of politically astute persons, merely by turning 18 years of age. "Average" intelligence and education has plummeted in the US over the last 50, 75, 100...
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    Scientific Study Says People Are Too Stupid for Democracy

    As one trained in psychology, I agree ;)
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    Looking for Master Sam Tendencia

    For some reason, Master Sam is heavy on my mind today. It was good to revisit these.
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    primal diet

    Fun Stuff. Carol -- glad to hear you're creating excellent results! I do the PowerPoint presentations for a Type-2 Diabetes reversal group in So Cal. We use bloodwork as the measure of success, and to tell us what to work on. And we use a Functional Medicine approach to restore normality to the...