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    No need to rush, be natural. A gentle but consistent effort will generate gradual progress. As you find your flexibility and get to now your body better, you will know how far you can stretch, how much stretching you need to do, how long it takes to generate a certain result, and so on.
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    Newbies posting on Ninjutsu, Please Read

    Arigatou gozaimasu!
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    I think you already have a lot of good answers from people here, and I agree that your session of 20 mins, twice pr. day is reasonable. I will add a few comments: 1) I recommend stretching after a hot shower. In the morning and after training. 2) I find slow stretching, with deep breathing to...
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    Newbies posting on Ninjutsu, Please Read

    Hey Bob. I noticed the Jinenkan link was old and broken. Here is the correct one: Jinenkan Honbu Dojo Best regards, Asher.
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    Hi Regis. I believe the Jinenkan Dojo in New York, Mahopac has a Shibu-Dojo (affiliated training group) in Brazil. I do not know which town but, you can contact them and find out, I am sure. Kan Ryu
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    Multiple question thread

    Regarding question 4. Your closest Jinenkan Dojo-cho (instructor) is Scott in Arizona. The rest are over by New York, Pennsylvania. Good luck!
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    Hello from Bluewater Dojo, Co. Cork, Ireland

    Welcome Sir. Hope to meet you out there in discussion some time!
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    Choosing the right martial art for me?

    Yassine262626: You are very welcome and good luck Sir!
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    Choosing the right martial art for me?

    *Drop bear's first answer....
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    Choosing the right martial art for me?

    Hi there! I am fine, thank you. As Drop Bear's answer reflects, it is a vast question to ask. However, when you say "an art" and "learn the culture and history", it seems like a traditional martial art would be something for you. But again, there are many traditional arts still in practice...
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    Hello from NY

    Welcome! Sounds like good arts you have chosen. I also practice both arts within my curriculum! Enjoy ;o)
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    Another new guy

    Dear Starmada. Welcome to MT! I think you are absolutely right, MA can help you in many ways. I also think Tai Chi is a good choice for you. It is a very grounding and calm way of learning movements and mental focus. It is however very rarely (as far as I have experienced) taught as actual...
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    Strength Training for the Martial Arts

    Here's a short explanation of my current method, however, I am constantly evolving my "routine". I put explanation marks on routine because I try to keep it all fluid somewhat. In the mornings I practice 2 different forms of Qi Gong (approx. 30 mins). I find Qi Gong helps to build up internal...
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    Legal rights of the Samurai?

    Regarding this question: So you want to be here to be informative, but getting into deep discussions of aspects of the areas you feel you can be informative about is not what you're interested in? No, it's not like that. I recommended the book for the accounts of Samurai actions upon other...
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    Legal rights of the Samurai?

    Oh, sorry, I meant Chris - not Simon. Now, really, you cannot judge my ability to be informative upon the duration of my membership within an organization. Nor do you have the right. Nor am I willing to defend that ability here on this thread. Time will have to tell. Please, let's stop this...