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    Is it important for you to be part of something bigger than yourself?

    I have recently been reading a lot about the classical Japanese martial arts, the so-called Koryu arts. I think there are a lot of similarities between these arts and the traditional Chinese arts. Not in the techniques, but rather in the mindset. I found a brilliant interview with Toby...
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    Is "Tams" a genuine style?

    Sorry, no characters. But you can see it listed here (bottom right):
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    Carl Totton's "Lohan Chuan"

    Hi, Does anyone know about this style called Lohan Chuan taught by master Carl Totton? I am interested in this quote: [B][U] [/SIZE][/FONT] [/LIST]Is this the same Lohan Chuan that is mentioned in the Bubishi and is credited as...
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    Is "Tams" a genuine style?

    Green Dragon studios teach a style called "Tams", but I have never heard of it. Does anyone know what this is? Is it a real style?
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    GM Ark Yuey Wong's 5 family, 5 animal style

    Thanks. Do you know where it fits into the Hung Gar family tree/lineage? Who taught Ark Wong Hung Gar?
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    How Chinese is sanshou/sanda?

    May sound like a silly question ... but where do the techniques used in sanda/san shou tournaments come from? Are they from kung fu styles? Or are they "borrowed" from western boxing and/or muay thai?
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    How do kung fu teachers in China teach?

    Do they have classes where everyone works together and where the teacher is active and highly involved in the lesson? Or are they more casual, with students being left to work individually on whatever they want with the teacher coming around to look? (More of a supervised practice session than...
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    Splashing Hands

    Does anyone know what really happened to him? What caused his death? Was it training?
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    Splashing Hands and Tongbeiquan. A connection?

    Here's a pretty interesting documentary I found on Tongbeiquan. What seems very intriguing is how similar some of their training looks to Splashing Hands. Especially in the way that they slap their own bodies. And also, I noticed that a lot of their strikes are done with open hands and...
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    What did original Shaolin kung fu look like?

    Are there any clips online (youtube) that give a good illustration of what Shaolin temple kung fu originally looked like? How much of the original style(s) survive? I'm interested to know if all the high leaps, jumping kicks, low stances, big arm motions, sweeps etc. are just a symptom of...
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    Is wushu good for the body?

    Yes, I meant Modern/Contemporary Wushu.
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    Is wushu good for the body?

    I've recently developed quite an interest in wushu. Forget all the back and forward arguing about whether it works in a fight or not ... I'd simply love to be able to move like those guys! However, is it suitable for someone in their mid 30s to start up? Does it have any known health risks...
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    Iron Body Video Clip!

    Is it good for you (swinging weights) or harmful to the health?
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    Iron Body Video Clip!

    Isn't there also a type of Marrow Washing that uses weights being hung from the testicles and swung?
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    GM Ark Yuey Wong's 5 family, 5 animal style

    I notice that one of the styles of Ark Wong is Hung Gar. Is this the same as the Hung Gar that was made famous by Wong Fei Hung and Lam Sai Wing and others? Or is it a different art completely?