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    NEED HELP...please!

    I think it is best to first take a look at chinese traditional styles of kung fu, chugung to add to your pushups and situps. Sounds like you may want to learn about wingchun. But to really deal with fighting, you would be better off learning grabs,throws and holds of judo and as striker become...
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    Is this Qi ?

    I believe in china, there are as many forms of ki there are forms of fire in zoroastrianism (and some i've seen have hundreds of forms of fire) see for example this site
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    Rear Bear Hug Defense

    If the attacker doesn't lift you the move probably will at least take the guy down but i'm thinking it would be hard to bend with a strong person holding you let alone lifting. When it comes to bearhugs, i have to say i believe what i learned in the dojo that if someone bearhugs you, it's...
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    But...Couldn't You Really Hurt Them?

    hey.. I think that it is one of the most difficult things in life generally to know when the the right time to fight. As a martial artist, you learn many moves so you'd think it would give you more possibilities in reacting with or without regard for the others well being. Mind you, in enough...
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    Did Musashi ever practice Iaido?

    制定 seitei meaning formal or established.. What i was referring to was 正体 seitai- which can often be heard in physical therapy circles but also in iai. Unfortunately i was not able to find the material, but i'm quite certain i saw it in that form. I'll keep...
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    Did Musashi ever practice Iaido?

    I think i know what you mean with the blood flow in seiza. I can relatively easily sit in seiza for an hour without moving but one great teacher i have had the honour of meeting, Hosokawasensei, can sit in Seiza for six hours without visibly moving.   j
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    Did Musashi ever practice Iaido?

    Thank you Chris for the informative post. I do understand that my interpretation of iai was somewhat inflated in that i assume that all sword arts absolutely need this concept for realistic training. The seated positions, as far as i know, are some of the oldest arguably most holy iai kata...
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    Japanese Pride

    Yeah Ba-by!!! Keep it coming...
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    what weapon

    I say nunchaku. Greatest challenge. Save you a bunch of mistakes with the other weapons down the road. Stick is basic, simple as it is deep. Definately stick is the bomb.. i mean since everything in this world is a just a kind of sword, may as well try different kinds. j
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    Did Musashi ever practice Iaido?

    The concept of iai, is more or less one of the main points of the sword arts. The essence of iai has many purposes, to be concentrated in stillness, to be explosive and quick to the point of being blindingly fast as well as efficient and accurate. To blend millions of movements into one...
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    Lawful use of force or excessive?

    I think i do somewhat understand what Sukerkin was trying to get at. I tried to make a case of it with a reply but it was too difficult and i had to give up. Really. Intangible is a good word for it. It would venture to say it boils down to there being other options rather than immediate...
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    Lawful use of force or excessive?

    I really think it would have been enough to tell the second lady to BACK OFF really forcefully, then he could have returned to the first problem probably with even more authority. I'm sure most will have to agree that had there been some crazy cophating punk out there, that punch would have been...
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    Method or Motive/Mindset

    both are important. But on a really basic level i think are the same in that method is mindset or tantamount to it. Like before there is any language. That is some scary stuff to look out for, for sure. Service with a smile. j
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    Lawful use of force or excessive?

    I think it's safe to say that the officer was a fair bit harsher on the second subject/victim, much nicer to the first one. That i think is a typical human fault anyone can make. I've always admired the certain aspect of equality in the justice system itself and i believe that attempting to...
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    Lawful use of force or excessive?

    Kindof seemed like the officer was sortof getting off on the proximity involved in the encounter. The use of force i think was not appropriate or necessary or actually extrememly counterproductive to the profession. Taking control of the situation, definite FAIL As a police officer, i would...