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    Australian Adventure Ideas?

    Hey, you're welcome at any time too. It was good fun and we had a bbq after training one night and a group with partners out for dinner the next. It's always good when martial artists get together socially. You see a different side.
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    Full Nelson Hold

    We tried it out tonight but with limited success. I had difficulty getting my arm across the chest and it didn't break the grip for me. It worked better before the lock was applied but in that situation I prefer a couple of other defences. Any suggestions as to how I could improve the move?
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    Full Nelson Hold

    I think the point that is not being addressed is that locks and holds have varying levels of application. In a real situation an arm bar can be a restraint at one end of the scale and total joint destruction at the other. In training we are at the restraint end. We learn to apply it with control...
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    A kata for self defense

    We used to do the reverse of the kata, as a mental exercise. Now that I have some semblance of understanding kata I feel it was a total waste of time. Certainly the reverse kata is as valid as the original but if you are goining to use it that way, as a fighting system, you are going to have to...
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    Broken neck in BJJ Tournament (OUCH)

    I don't claim to have expertise here but these guys (Graciemag) do. If they say it's a slam and illegal I'll take their word for it. The guy is partially paralysed from a move that is technically illegal. His head was driven into the ground, intentional or not. There is not a sporting event...
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    Broken neck in BJJ Tournament (OUCH)

    The dangers of slamming and how to prevent your opponent from picking you up GRACIEMAG
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    A kata for self defense

    As DaveB said, you're discussing techniques and you are using them in isolation. Now I have no idea how you guys train your kata but this is a karate thread and you are nowhere near what we do. (I am assuming from your name you train KF but you don't list your art on your profile.) Kata for us...
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    Create Your Own Kata

    I also agree that a miniscule number of people would have the knowledge to create a viable kata suitable for use in a fight and I, most certainly, wouldn't be one of those people. Someone like Masaji Taira who has spent a lifetime studying kata may be able to, but why? If you've spent that much...
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    A torch is fine to carry here (Australia), or a pen for that matter, but the moment you carry a 'tactical' torch or a 'tactical' pen it becomes a legal grey area. They can be classified as weapons. Knives here are totally out of the question unless you have a legitimate reason to be carrying...
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    A kata for self defense

    Let me say at the outset, kata or even martial arts in general have little to do with self defence. Self defence is mostly about not fighting ;) , but for the sake of the discussion we'll assume it has all turned down and getting nasty. Principles? Hmm! I'm not sure that there are any...
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    Broken neck in BJJ Tournament (OUCH)

    Illegal move with devastating result. I hope the guy who did it got sued for everything he owned.
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    So what have you got against Erle Montaigue?
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    A kata for self defense

    First up, can I say I disagree totally with anyone who suggests you make up your own kata. Why would you bother when there are dozens of kata available developed by masters over decades? For me, I like seyunchin. It has a natural flow to it with high strikes followed by low strikes, elbows to...
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    Breaking Structure

    Not quite what I meant to say. None of his techniques worked without his using physical strength and when he did that I could stop him every time. Against an untrained person, I'm sure he would be more than capable. I don't have an issue with the technique. Like everything, it all depends on the...
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    Hard and Soft

    I had never felt soft until I started Aikido. When I changed my karate to the Okinawan style I found that the softness was intrinsic to the Goju training. However, I disagree that hard and soft is present at the same time.