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    No, not ITF. This person probably means Traditional Tang Soo Do International (Master Scott's organization). Seeing as they have trained for three years I doubt they mis-named their organization and it sounds like Kaygee is near Philly which has more WTSDA and TSDI than ITF schools.
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    Time for a new gi.

    Those are definitely the top of the line. has a good white uniform and trimmed uniforms for TSD and better prices than AWMA. I do like AWMA/ProForce better than Century brand personally. So on a budget I would do MAtoday or ProForce. If I were rich I would get a custom shureido. I've...
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    Just saw your comment from August, hope all is well!

    Just saw your comment from August, hope all is well!
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    Are there too many kicks in TSD?

    look at the evolution of the form. It was made as a kick for aesthetics IMO. SHito Ryu doesn't even do kicks there and the applications make sense much more clearly without it being a kick.
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    Are there too many kicks in TSD?

    I don't think they are kicks or blocks, but weight shifts to throw an opponent
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    Tang Soo Do Organizations that focus on kata-based instruction

    Why a TSD specific? Iain Abernethy's group has done all the work and everything is so darn close anyway.
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    The Sir Sandwich - "Sir, yes Sir!

    I prefer my original school where respect was shown in actions not by how you address someone. The instructors (as did I when I became one) asked to be called by their first names and we were training too much to worry about titles, etc.
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    Anyone ever practice Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan?

    Please don't start multiple threads on same topic, typical new forum poster mistake... I understand you are eager for information. Mod: Can you merge and/or close the 3 threads on this same issue?
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    Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan?

    The big difference being sparring is generally point focused and not WTF style sparring. Some TKD schools will teach the MDK curriculum as well. Check it out and if it doesn't meet your needs keep looking! And I say this as a 20+ year TSD practitioner... It's not for everyone and all arts have...
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    DC Comics Reboot

    Court of Owls is good. I second Omar's opinion. Swamp Thing is EPIC and disturbing and beautiful.
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    DC Comics Reboot

    I think the great thing is you can pick your continuity. I loved Red Robin in the previous continuity and jumped ship from many books with the New 52, but love the new stories when I do read them. I STILL have my old stories in cardboard boxes that I can go read. I don't want to keep reading the...
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    Tell Me About YOUR Tang Soo Do

    You can find some nuggets out there that exist. Muwubu here is an example. But yes probably effectively true statement since you basically have to hit the lottery to find non MDK TSD. My home school is close to this example. Kim Ki Whang taught Tang Soo DO, but did not teach in the Moo Duk Kwan...
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    Your training schedule

    I am starting crossfit. I just do slow kicks as close to daily as I can and Form practice if I have about 30 min free (2-3 x week).
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    Tell Me About YOUR Tang Soo Do

    This is not true. Several kwans used Tang Soo Do as a name of their martial art. Many were integrated into the TKD merger, but there are some out there that still do TSD that is not derived from the MDK. The VAST MAJORITY of TSD can trace back to the MDK though.
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    Jr. or Sr.? I've met Jr. a few times and oen of our students is with him now (Olivia Sun)

    Jr. or Sr.? I've met Jr. a few times and oen of our students is with him now (Olivia Sun)