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    never heard of AIki-Jitsu, I only know of Aiki Jujutsu (mostly Daito-ryu stream) and Samurai Aikijutsu (of Obata Toshihiro stream). Check out this website for more info about Aiki Jujutsu.
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    Hanuman's Warrior

    oops double post, sorry
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    Hanuman's Warrior

    This is Hanuman according to Javanese Hindus he is a legendary monkey god even here in Indonesia.
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    Wado-Ryu Practitioners?

    Oh, if thats the case then I understand. Because my teacher also teach (more like "showing" actually) some techniques from other Ryuha, so that we will understand the differences, for example, the differences between Wado kotegaeshi and Aikido kotegaeshi and Takagi Yoshin-ryu's omotegyaku..
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    Wado-Ryu Practitioners?

    Cirdan man, do you really practice that much outside influence? tai chi and kickboxing I can understand because wado does not have tai chi breathing & full contact sparring like kickboxing. but why practice aikido throws and joint locks when our own wado-ryu is already very rich in jujutsu...
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    diferent styles

    There are four major styles in the JKF (Japan Karate federation). Shotokan: Built upon the concept that "the shortest path to the target is a straight line". Very big emphasis on basic techniques. Using low stances, linear movements, emphasis on speed and power, often accused by other styles to...
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    Yoshin Ryu

    I have learned some techniques of Yoshin-ryu Jujutsu as integrated into Wado-ryu. Here are some of the techniques that I have learned (right click and SAVE AS if possible. If the server are busy, it will bring out error messages, so try...
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    Do you know your karate lineage?

    yes I heard about this but when I asked sensei, he said he isn't sure. What he know was, that Otsuka sensei and Uyeshiba sensei are both very highly regarded by the Japanese government, and both were instructors to the military, so it is very possible that they are, at least, good friends. If I...
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    Do you know your karate lineage?

    yes, from what my sensei told me, Otsuka sensei learned basic kihon techniques and the basic 9 katas from funakoshi sensei. then he learned more advanced katas from mabuni sensei (rohai etc). mabuni sensei also influenced the pinan katas that we have in wado. From motobu sensei, otsuka sensei...
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    Tang Soo Do and the Chinese connection

    thank you for the info. Is there any small videoclipfile floating around the web which shows some of those chinese-influenced Tang Soo Do hyungs? The ones I saw are mostly the Okinawan-derived ones.
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    Tang Soo Do and the Chinese connection

    Also, master Penfil, does the hanja ideograms for So Rim Jang Kwan corresponds with "Shaolin Chang Quan" in Chinese?
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    most reliable/effective takedowns ??

    when I spar in Judo, I most often ended up at the losing side because I am small and Judo guys are big :) Nevertheless, I think the best techniques are those with "backup", which means that even though your initial attack failed, you are in position to do another attack, or to anticipate what...
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    Judo vs BJJ. What's the difference?

    There are Judo for sport (Shiai Judo), and self-defense Judo (Goshin Jutsu). There are BJJ for sport, BJJ for Vale Tudo (prize fighting) and for self-defense. I must say, that there are ZERO differences between BJJ self-defense and Judo self-defense. Even the sequences of the techniques are...
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    Okinawa Karate

    kyokushin is modern sport karate, they have full-contact competitions, and much of the kyokushin training are geared towards competitions. Okinawan Karate training mostly emphasizes traditional Kata training and applications of Kata for self-defense. So, one is for sport training, the other is...
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    Yeah? So what is so good bout competition??

    Only the Aikikai style has explicitly stated its opposition to competition. Other styles started by Uyeshiba sensei's senior prewar students such as the Yoseikan of Mochizuki sensei (, the Tomiki/Shodokan-ryu Aikido of Tomiki sensei ( and...