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  • I think there were around 10 americans, myself included. You know I heard that there is a course that is being offered in Chicago I think in October. You may want to look into that also USTC I think who is offering it with the Kukkiwon. But I think you would enjoy the trip to Korea better.
    It was great! I think if I ever mve that might be the place. I was kind of surprized at the condition of the Kukkiwon ( kind of run down) they need to give it a paint job. But all in all a great time. thanks for asking.
    I just got it two min. ago... Did yours also come with a training Certificate?
    Your the man.... I think then mine should also arrive today. I hope, because I leave for Korea tomorrow. I'm doing the instructors course at the Kukkiwon. I would be nice to get before I leave!
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