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    Shorinjin Saito-Ryu Ninjitsu

    "legit" how?
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    What is the best Martial Art for Street Fights?

    200 m sprints, with a dash of parkour thrown in.
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    Anyone knows this master?

    Cool sound effects!
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    Ramon Dekkers Man, Myth Or Legend

    He is a badass! Love watching his fights!
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    Have you been knocked out.

    Been ko'd playing rugby,been choked out grappling too! Fun times.
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    Can't find TMA school in MD, please help!!

    Columbia, Md (offshoot of Hakko ryu) Ju-Jitsu Dojo of Columbia
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    Pai Lum White Dragon Fist

    I did enjoy it, it did seem like alot of information. Besides Kung fu (forms, fighting, self defense etc) there was also Chi gung, wooden dummy, tai chi etc.. after looking into the system further, I read that Daniel Pai, didnt teach the same thing to every student..and after his death, alot of...
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    Pai Lum White Dragon Fist

    I used to live in Northern Colorado, and trained with them for a brief time. Their head teacher is a direct student of Daniel K. Pai. You can read about him more here. Master Training Systems - Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai
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    So it begins.

    That and "Sanshin no kata" are completely different.
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    Video - Xing Yi Quan and drunken fist

    Interesting vids, but I dont think you've posted them enough. :)
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    Noah's ark found

    I see what you did there. "evolved", thats humor. Yes I watched it. *Edit- Ive seen it before, And Ive seen the same gentleman on another series about Noah's ark,
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    Noah's ark found

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    Atemi Ryu

    Back on the Atemi Ryu topic. Does anyone know what Mr. Chenique is a Dr. Of?
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    Joe Son, AKA "Random Task" in Austin Powers Movie

    IIRC Joe Son was in the earliest UFC bouts before the rules changed. He was on the receiving end of Keith Hackney's repeated groin punches, when they were still allowed. That was one of those fights, that you will never forget..later he came back as Kimo's manager..they would carry crosses into...
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    Looking for a Taijutsu Dojo

    Yea weird, I thought you were looking for training. Then I just saw the e-budo post too. Confused I am.