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    How can you become a good fighter if self-defense is your goal?

    I train Five Animal Kung Fu in Cantonese Ng Ying Kung Fu. Our teacher sifu Patrick van Steen is teaching the art as follows: - warming up, body conditioning, flexibility - Shadow Boxing: Kicks and Punches - Five Animal Kung Fu Forms and Weapons - Five Animal Qin Na: Selfdefense techniques with...
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    Thoughts on flexible weapons nunchaku monkey fist flail meteor hammer etc?

    I practise Ng Ying Kungfu and we also have flexible weapons like Nunchaku, Chain, Meteor Hammer. The Nunchaku is most effective and easyier to apply in selfdefense. Overall many flexible weapons look like showe weapons in martial arts. I do not like them. Better use a normal belt or something
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    kubotan dual

    My Kungfu teacher sifu Patrick van Steen is also a kubotan instructor. He mentioned that it is considdered as a keychain. And that the best one to are the one without a point at one end. There are judges who considder a point shaped one worse then on wothout point shape.
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    How often to practice Stretches and Stance Work

    A DVD certainly can help you for some insights and exercises It is certainly not as good as real training and if the 34th generation monk shows on video it is good but do not forget you have to walk the path yourself. The Monk i think you mean Shi Yan Xin really went through all the real life...
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    Help choosing the right form of Kung Fu?

    There are many different styles of Kung Fu many of them have a lot of forms. If you do not like to many forms you can look for Wing Chun Kungfu because it is effective and has not much forms. I myself practise Ng Ying Kungfu with sifu Patrick van Steen. That art has a few forms and is merely...
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    John from Holland i do Ng Ying Kungfu and Fitness

    Hi there, I am John and i live in Holland. Wanted to look at this forum to learn and connect with fellow martial artists. If it is TMA or Combat Sports i find it all interesting. I myself am married and have one child who is doing Judo practise. I myself did much martial arts training in the...