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    bruce lee : WC - JKD - WC ( 360 degrees )

    Interesting discussion. One thing I'd like to point out is, Sijo Bruce Lee didn't just rely on speed (though he was very fast), he also relied on timing, technique and sensitivity. Those attributes don't go out as much as speed as you age. I would imagine he would have stayed offensive in...
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    Responding vs. Reacting

    I always thought of reacting as your reflex, such as flinching at a punch thrown at you. While responding is more of a proactive useful action. I figured the point of sensitivity training is make your reactions into useful responses. That said, the "downward" motion is part of the dan chi...
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    Have you changed your approach to JKD?

    I doubt anyone who isn't OJKD would have a problem using MMA training as part of their JKD. My only worry is getting bad ring habits. For example, the guard is great in the ring, but leaves your groin exposed on the street. I guess guard is better than getting mounted though.
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    Non injurious, humane self defense?

    Interesting. I guess I had the wrong idea. Anyway, I still think western wrestling would be a good way to go.
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    Hypothetical Scenario: Extracting yourself from a deteriorating situation

    One more strategy one could use when things look like they're getting dicey. Grab the photog's gear. I'd imagine this would be more of an issue with a non-pro shooter, in which case gear is very precious. Threatening to damage a $1700 lens or $8000 camera might make somebody come to their...
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    Non injurious, humane self defense?

    Try Western / Collegiate Wrestling. Since it's a sport, they work on not injuring your opponent. Yet there's plenty of pain compliance and holds to "neutralize" your opponent, all non-lethally and might not even leave a bruise. Ask a bouncer at a club or a bar, they tend to know pain...
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    Making Money in the Martial Arts...

    Ninja? Might not be too feasible now a days.
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    Have you seen the Bruce lee last footage?

    According to Sifu Dan Inosanto (who taught him nunchucks), Bruce wasn't really into them. Sijo Bruce Lee's focus had been on unarmed combat, and he just learned the chucks for the movies. I understand he was using prop plastic chucks for most of the scenes (for his and his opponent's safety).
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    Who are the top JKD instructors in the world ?

    Heh, looks like I need to keep up on the scuttlebutt.
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    Who are the top JKD instructors in the world ?

    I always thought of Steve Grody as a Kali guy, but I guess that because I have his "Empty Hands of Kali" tape. Interestingly, he use to also teach Lindy Hop (I saw him down at The Derby in the heydays of the 90s Swing revival). Something on Burton Richardson, at least as far as a few years...
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    Have you changed your approach to JKD?

    JKD isn't MMA, in the sports / UFC sense, because MMA has rules for the ring. Biu jee to the eyes aren't allowed in the UFC. Neither is o'ou tek to the groin. You can definitely use JKD techniques and concepts in your MMA training, but you need to stay in the rules.
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    Question about Bruce

    I see Chi as a pre-scientific way of explaining the unexplainable. So either you can gain good structure by visualizing and "channeling" your Chi, or you learn good structure from a good understanding of bio-mechanics. I suspect Sijo Bruce Lee went with the latter. It may be easier to...
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    Grandmaster Jerson Tortal Jr. Teaching The Philippines National Special Action Force!

    I was lucky enough to do some a couple of one on one training sessions with Jerson "Nene" Tortal Sr. a dozen years ago while on a visit to the old country. I wish I was able to do some follow up training For a little background info, Tortal Sr. is Leo Gaje's uncle, and they share the same...
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    Pirates? Just pay the ransom!

    I agree putting marines on the vessels is the best option. It's cheap and seems effective. I don't think you need a whole platoon per ship - maybe a squad at most. Unless pirates start attacking in platoon sized groups instead of 4 or so. I disagree with the suggestion of invasion, like...
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    Have you gone from Kenpo to JKD?

    Well, Sifu Dan Inosanto was a Kenpo Instructor under Ed Parker before being a student of Bruce Lee. Seems to have worked out pretty well for him. Try calling the Inosanto Academy, and ask if they have any instructors in your area. The phone number is 310-578-7773. They keep a rolodex of...