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  • Thanks again! My Respects to Guro Dan & Simo Paula. Do you know if the JKD sets are on video. I believe the Jun Fan sets are on Balickis DVD, do you know if the JKD sets are there too. I can't afford his DVD set yet, just want to know if that is where I can reference teh JKD sets from. I am about 800 miles from Doctor Pat Finley & so I only get new material when I visit the DC/Balt area. If you can't help me I'll understand. PEACE JIMI
    Thanks for the reply on the thread about JF & JKD Dummy sets. You spoke with Dan yesterday, COOL! I am a long time student of Doctor Pat Finley, and I am currently just beyond the mid point ( Twin palms ) of the form as instructed by Pat. I start with a Bil Gee & pendulum O'ou tek to enter. So is this the Jun Fan Set or the JKD set? Since you spoke with Dan (Guro,Sifu,Etc.. no disrespect) yesterday please confirm which set this is. I believed it to be the JUN FAN SETS. PEACE
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