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    Shaking hands with a senior

    Way late to the game. I'm a BJJ gal who has only done BJJ in Korea, so I recognize that it is much more relaxed than a TMA. Having lived here for 3+ years, I now automatically receive and give things with two hands. I shake with both hands together, I bow to everyone, and I do a bow/handshake...
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    Expat, BJJ blogger living in Korea

    There is still a large Army presence in Seoul - it's where a large army base is. When were you in Korea? Change doesn't always mean good or bad - it can just be different. I wouldn't chalk it off so quickly - I love my life here and have a wonderful time.
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    Belt Rank Progress

    I also don't understand what you're saying. Or which discipline you're talking about. In BJJ there are only 5 belts, including white and black, and so there are absolutely big leaps between them (though between white and blue - much less overall).
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    Some useful (tongue in cheek) advice

    I in no way took this seriously. It was obviously comedy. But at the same time, I didn't feel this was marketed toward me, a woman in BJJ. That's not an accusation or an offense - target audiences are important. I was simply asking who the target audience was.
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    Expat, BJJ blogger living in Korea

    Hey thanks for the kind greetings! Regarding the language: To be very honest, Seoul is extremely friendly for tourists. English signs are everywhere. In fact, until I started doing BJJ, literally everyone I knew spoke English. I am at a school where everyone speaks English, and save for going...
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    The Enduring Nature of Grief

    Thanks for the note. For the past 6 years I have lived in non-English speaking countries (Ukraine and Korea) and the prevailing thought is "what's your problem" if you're my age and not married. I'm glad that's not the case here.
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    Expat, BJJ blogger living in Korea

    Hey thanks very much. I really appreciate that. Being consistent with output is one of the most difficult aspects of blogging. The reality - people come for the content, period. The content stops and they stop coming around. They don't care why you aren't blogging - only that you aren't. Keep...
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    Expat, BJJ blogger living in Korea

    I'm Julia, aka Jiu Jiu from I've been doing BJJ and blogging about it for just over 3 years. Save for vacations, I've exclusively trained in Korea with most of my instruction in Korean (nope, I don't speak enough to understand, save for limited words). I started BJJ when I was...
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    Martial Art Debates

    My background is with BJJ, so I only know what goes on in that arena: Whether BJJ black belt should be have a tournament background. Whether BJJ folks should be required to teach as part of a belt requirement - such as purples having to teach white belts. If personal character should be...
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    The Enduring Nature of Grief

    Ah - thank you for sharing. Because I'm new, you don't know my interaction style, so my apologies if my words are clumsy - the intent is to be supportive, not confrontational or contrary or offensive. Wow - that sucks a lot (understatement of the year?) and I really hope you have people in your...
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    Next Poster Game - 2.0

    Nope! How about Steve!
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    Gut health could determine over all health.

    This year I started making kombucha and kefir. I love it. My kombucha tastes like strong vinegar - I let it ferment for about 4 weeks. And for kefir - I will often over-ferment it as well so it resembles greek yogurt more than milk. Being in Korea, I get more than my fair share of kimchi as...
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    Some useful (tongue in cheek) advice

    Okay - is it just me, or are their belts tied incorrectly? It wasn't my cup of tea, although I have to admit that the eye-patch wearing thug made me grin. Who is your target audience? Is this in general aimed at men in BJJ or guys thinking about doing BJJ? I get a feeling it is not women in BJJ...
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    Not quite sure if I should start BJJ....

    I'm WAY late to this conversation - but in hopes that others may read it: I try to live my life in such a way that I don't have long term regrets. What I mean is: if you want to do it, do it. Letting self-doubt talk you out of it is only something you will regret. Do people generally say "oh...
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    Aggression: when and where?

    Are you talking about in a gym or in a tournament? As far as for a tournament, going strong at the beginning is helpful for a number of reasons: the psych-out factor, getting into a dominant position, etc. However, as far as for gym rolling, I don't agree. Some possibly relevant pieces of...