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  • Jon Collins unfortunately acquired a bit of a negative rep in the ABA. Since all I know about it really second hand or further removed, that's as far as I'll go. I don't recall ever actually meeting him -- though that doesn't mean I haven't! Sadly, due to several different events, personality clashes, and political issues over the years, we've lost some really skilled and knowledgeable members over the years...
    Dear Jimi
    Thank you for your comments, i hope you do not feel i was being disrespectful as that was not my intention, i know that methods
    used in America and France are different from those being used
    in Myanmar. At the moment my Saya is corresponding with the president of the French BandoThaing Assosiation with a veiw to doing a Demo of our style of Bando and also to show them a Demo of the spinning knives (Dah Pyan) which is no longer practiced in Myanmar but is now being re-introduced with the help of the other masters there.
    And yes we are all Bando. And we stretch out our hand in friendship to all that study Bando Thaing. If you wish to e-mail my Master Saya Richard Morris (U Hia Wi ) please do not hesitate and i will pass on any messages. e-mail bandothaing@hotmail.co.uk
    Sincere regards yours in Bando
    Instructor Paul Keogh
    Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on this site in a while.

    Anyway. Just to clarify, you are doing the "Jun Fan Dummy Set." It's based on the Wing Chun set.

    The "Jeet Kune Do Dummy Set" starts off with a kau sau and side step to the left, followed by a left pak sau + right chun chou'i (outside pak da). Followed by a right side step with l'oy wan pak biu jee (right inside pak sau + left biu jee), then a mirror image left inside pak sau + left biu jee, side step to the right with right pak sau + left outside chun chou'i.

    So it sounds like you're definately doing the "Jun Fan Dummy Set"
    Hey Jimi, glad to make your acquaintance! I look forward to more kickboxing talk and hearing about Bando. I never heard of it until it was mentioned on Fight Quest.
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