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    Competed in a tournamnet

    about 3 weeks ago now I competed in a local yocal tournament. It was kind of a small one but what do you do. Anyway, I am going to post a video of me doing short 3 during the tournament. One of my colleagues took the video & posted it up on youtube. Hope you all find it good...
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    Kenpo Karate Training - Lexington, OH

    It's been about 2.5yrs. since this post. Thought I'd bump this again.
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    2 man set

    I still do it & teach it as well.
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    Tested for orange belt today :)

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    IP Techniques: Do We Need Them?

    No truer words have been spoken! Well said, sir!
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    Ohio Kenpoists

    Gus Sergakis is who you were thinking of in the columbus area. He does not pursue any students at this time. He is too busy tied up at work. There are a couple of guy's who broke away from Mr. Hatfield's studio several years back. One is Tim Hysell & the other is Larry Splain. All 3 of the...
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    Looking for a school in Northeast Ohio

    Glad to hear. Again, I wish you luck within your success w/Kenpo.
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    Looking for a school in Northeast Ohio

    If I'm not mistaken I think that rep. here in Ohio is in the toledo area. That's upper north west of the state towards Michigan. Could be wrong though.
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    Looking for a school in Northeast Ohio

    Sure thing & I hope that it's a great school. This is why I was hoping that others would have responded on my thread below. It would be very easy to know there are quality people out there so that we, (as kenpoists) felt confident in directing a student towards a studio in their area. The only...
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    Looking for a school in Northeast Ohio

    I appreciate the thoughts. If for some reason things do not work out I have a saturday morning class for my students who drive distances to come train. There are 4 that drive a great distance for their 2 classes a month. I realize our gas prices are on the rise, time also play's a factor in what...
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    Looking for a school in Northeast Ohio

    I have personally never heard of him. Doesn't mean he is not a good instructor. I looked at his website & to me, it looked very vague. I wish you luck with your pursuit of kenpo.
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    Ohio Kenpoists

    Ok, to get the ball rolling here. My name is Jason Farnsworth. I have a small school in Lexington, Ohio. I teach @ a gymnastics facility called; spirit of ohio sports academy 235 Lexington-Industrial drive Lexington, OH 44906 p) 419-884-0199 c) 419-560-2191 I'm a 4th degree black, Parker/Planas...
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    Looking for a school in Northeast Ohio

    I'm sorry but I don't know any in that area. I teach in Lexington which would be a drive for you. Mr. Doyle is quite north of you as well. Unfortunately you are in between anybody I personally know. Take a look at the thread I started & hopefully that will help with your question.
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    Ohio Kenpoists

    I'm having an issue using google searches & to know who is doing what. I don't normally post on the martialtalk website but I am posting here b/c I want to know who actually out there in Ohio does Parker's Kenpo? Please sign here, & if you don't mind where about in Ohio you train. There are a...
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    How far would you travel to train......

    My class is once a month. I teach semi privately at my own facility 4 days a week. When I was training once a week my drive time was 50 minutes from work then 30 back home. Guess we're not comparing complete apples to apples so to speak. Then again, there's roughly a 5hr. class w/Mr. Planas...