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  • Thank you, Jenny, for that kindly sentiment :bows:. I am sure I will return but what I am not sure of is when.

    The frequency of my "I don't believe it!" spikes had reached critical mass and I could no longer shrug it off as being "Just the Internet" so I have to stay away or otherwise risk a stroke or a heart-attack.

    When I can once more stay calm and mellow in the face of the collective triptych I mentioned before, then it will be safe to come back.
    Oh, that's very true.... the difference in the scripts is huge. But that's for another place, mon amie. I'm going to head off in a few minutes (when the download I have going has finally finished!), it's teaching night! Talk soon.
    I will admit that it is not by any means a universal occurance, many men seem to thrive on the taste of their own feet, but surely there are a scant few who can manage it? Then we just need to locate them and send them your way! Your faith can and shall be restored! Can I get an Hallelujah! No? Okay, just a polite nod then...
    My poor dear friend, only occasionally pleasantly surprised? We must do something about that.... How about if we lower your expectations of my gender so that if they remember to put one foot in front of the other, instead of in their mouths, that's considered a positive step?
    Now, if I was predictible, what fun would that be? Were you expecting more of a naval-gazing comment?
    People say I'm crazy, I've got diamonds on the soles of my shoes. I tell ya, that's one way to lose these walking blues; diamonds on the soles of my shoes...
    Nah, one of them wanted to become more "serious" and exclusive. I reminded her that that was not what this was, if that was what she was after, she was better off finding someone who was also interested in that. Love the unattainable thing. Not sure that the heels will work as well for me, though...
    Ah, John Malkovich... very cool guy. Nope, haven't seen the film yet. It's part of my ever-growing list....
    Will do. For now, I am back, bigger and better than ever! (Well, that's what you're meant to say, right?)
    Yeah, I know... there were rumours, people thought that they had done something, confusion descended upon the land.... rest assured that I am not going anywhere (at least within my control) without letting you all know beforehand. As for ways to avoid such things, we can deal with that privately if you wish.
    Good to hear. As ever, I am at your disposal (well, now that my computer is back up and running again...). Poor Andy, though...
    My friend, how have you been? Trying to entice Andy to pay you some compliments? Now, you know that if you ask for it, it doesn't count, right?
    Well, I've been trying to come up with a good flirt, and I do apologize for not getting one to you sooner but any I think of just pale- I kjeep trying to think of one for how beautiful you are but they never work because to call you "beautiful" would be like clling the sun a candle.....I'll keep workin on it....

    best 80's metal vocalist.

    You're gonna have to help me out here--I'm stuck in a quandary between Don Dokken and Ronnie James Dio......?
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