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    Finding JKD in New Zealand

    No luck in finding any JKD - many years on! I have been training Wing Chun under Sifu Dana Wong since 1999. I am still on the look out for cross-training ideas, merging of skills etc, and would still love to find a competent JKD instructor. I am based on the Kapiti Coast (45 min north of...
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    sparring vs chi sau

    Personally, I think there is not enough actual sparring in most WC clubs. The reason I say this is chi sao is fantastic for checking energy, find holes, set ups etc, however what is missing (for me) is that you don't learn how to close the gap (ie you start connected), and if you were to have a...
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    wing chun and wing tsun

    William Chueng, although he potentially has questionable ethics, I do believe "coined-the-phrase" Traditional Wing Chun. Not trademarked, however as I understand it, most people in the know understand Traditional Wing Chun as his "version". In my humble opinion, this is how I understand the...
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    Constructive Sparring Concepts Workshop - with Sifu Dana Wong

    Qian Li Dao Academy Wellington Presents Constructive Sparring Concepts Workshop Increase your chances of surviving a confrontation. Learn positional advantage. Date: Sunday 16th July Time: 10am 3pm Venue: Paraparaumu Memorial Hall, cnr Aorangi & Tutanekai, Paraparaumu...
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    I would love to hear people's thoughts on AMOK!

    Hi there, The seminar was fantastic actually. ian Sadler ran it, was very educational and practical! Thanks KempoSpirit ;-)
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    AMOK Seminar in Kapiti, Wellington, NZ

    AMOK! everyone, I'm fairly new to AMOK!, but wanted to pass on my feedback about the Kapiti seminar held on 12th November, run by Ian Sadler. I really enjoyed the training, the break in "the usual" routine, the use of smart learning technology (such as locking things into memory /...
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    Is JKD the way bruce intended?

    This is a much better way to have put my long winded example earlier ;-) Cheers.
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    AMOK Seminar in Kapiti, Wellington, NZ

    AMOK! Hi all, just through I'd let you know about this seminar coming up: It will be held on Saturday 12th November, cost is $40 / person. Any questions / bookings, please feel free to contact me at Thanks, Stu
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    Ong Bak & Muay Boran

    That is a great film! Man Tony Jaa defies gravity ;-)
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    Arnis in New Zealand?

    Thanks! unfortunately it appears that I will have to travel in order to learn more... hmmm, 14 hours in the car return may be a bit far out of the way on a weekly basis!
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    hey everyone ^_^

    Hi and welcome!
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    I designed a new keyboard!

    Hahah - great!
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    Urban ninja

    At least he had a mask on ;-)
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    Finally...A Blonde GUY Joke

    Nice - ;-)