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    Pulled From the Headlines: Iraq

    please reread the my first post on this thread for the answer to your question. if that isn't sufficient then i guess you'll have to force yourself to not bother with this thread.
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    Pulled From the Headlines: Iraq

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    Dumbledore ....

    i like this fictional characters' take on the fictional character:)...
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    Pulled From the Headlines: Iraq

    more recent...
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    Why the 9-11 conspiracies won't go away...

    funny that, it's the only issue he will defend Bush on.
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    Pulled From the Headlines: Iraq

    published in the last 2-3 days...
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    Target Iran

    on this topic, you might find this article interesting.
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    The Centerline & Stance

    it certainly does shed light. thank you much for your explanation.
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    The Centerline & Stance

    but if i may ask, how different is the upper body alignment from the basic stance Spartan describes and the stances you refer to?
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    The Centerline & Stance

    would anyone care to go into this more deeply? i am not a wing chun practitioner and am curious if this centerline theory is truly pertaining to the defender's centerline or attackers (or both.)
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    Pulled From the Headlines: Iraq

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    Jack Dempsey Highlight clip...

    dug the bob & weaving he used to get inside the big guy. good clip.
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    Pulled From the Headlines: Iraq

    These are headlines and subheaders pulled from miscellaneous news services in the last few days. when our generals and politicians use surge and better body counts as a gauge of the situation, it's interesting to see what stories are being written in the national and international press. i...
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    Karate Lessons

    that one made me fall over laughing...
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    "How we've won the war in Iraq"

    well, well... call me Ishmael.