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    qestion about squeezing the peach

    squeezing the peach is just like it says you dont just strike the groin on the first step you leave your hand ther and squeeze as you step forward with your left oot to 130 and force your opponent to make the mandatory step, then scoop as told earlier then elbow then same as well. look for other...
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    new videos are finally done!!!! :)

    check out the kenpo school vodeos at on the swedish site got to reklafilmer. these are the first ones i have ever directed and edited so please give me your positive and negative feed backs. remember we were going for what a real school is like not just the top black belts working on...
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    2009 Viking camp coming this May don't miss it!

    just a friendly reminder about the up coming camp we have confirmed an excellent line up of instructor's in addition to our evening activities and dinner at a special location where everything for the evening will take place so no need to run around all over. Stay tuned for updates at...
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    Are You Supposed To Finish Techniques?

    good read Doc, i might not always agree with some of things you say but i do agree on this article for sure. People get upset when they realize that EP Sr. was a businessman as well and stopped teaching the system they way it was designed to be taught in around 1975. Best Wishes in 2009 Take...
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    2009 Viking camp coming this May don't miss it!

    Swedish Viking Camp 2009 (10th Anniversary) When: Friday May 15th – Sunday May 17th/2009 Where: Norrköping Sweden Who: The guest instructor’s this year are 10th Degree Richard “Huk” Planas – (Ed Parker’s Kenpo/Senior Master of the Arts) USA 7th Degree Graham Lelliott –...
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    new kenpo promo video

    new video to check out! December 2 2008 at 4:31 AM No score for this post go to and see our new promo video of all the different aspects and belt levels at the studio. there are some clips of the competition in venezuela etc.. we put alot of effort into making this so please take...
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    Parker-Planas Kenpo, Joe Doyle and you.

    i think it is great that you work with joe and huk but make no mistake joe's is NOT the only place in the world that does that much work with huk. ingmars school in sweden sees him at least 5-6 times a year for the last 7 yrs and when he comes it is for a week or two at a time. i personally am a...
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    kenpo website updates

    hey check out and see what we have been up to, just click on our english flag and read away enjoy yourself and give us your feedback. thanks Jason Arnold Canada via Sweden
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    1st European Instructor's Camp in the Parker/Planas Lineage

    The first instructor's camp is being held October 3rd-5th/2008 in Norrkoping Sweden at Ingmar Johansson's Kenpo Self Defense Studio. There will be confirmed countries present such as Canada,Ireland,Spain,England,Norway,Greece and different parts of Germany,Denmark and Sweden. This camp has been...
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    new daily blog to check out!

    this is my new daily blog i am starting about teaching in sweden fulltime at kenpo self defense studio Sweden. Stay tuned for updates daily with event info and my experiences teaching and living in another country! look forward to hearing from you. Jason Arnold CANADA via Sweden
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    Congratulations to Dieter Knutel

    Congradulations aswell!!! Jason Arnold CANADA
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    rebuilding old katana need help

    Dragon29, contact Wally Hayes in CANADA close to Ottawa he is an amazing bladesmith and specializes in swords. later Jason Arnold CANADA
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    MT Meet & Greet - Buffalo NY - July 18, 19 & 20th 2008

    sorry i will not be teaching at this event,i had such a good time last year and was looking forward to it. due to my own mistake of double booking my services i have an important security protection assignment in toronto the same weekend. i was hoping to see old faces and some new ones and Brian...
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    Kenpo Forms

    this is in response to tigdra about forms the forms that you know are not epak forms and if you knew epak long form 4 and did it with speed and power with proper timing then you would definitely get a great workout from it for your muscles and breath. it all depends on how YOU train it and how...
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    MT Meet & Greet - Buffalo NY - July 18, 19 & 20th 2008

    i am looking forward to this again and was wondering if there were any particular topics within kenpo or whatever that anyone wishes too see from me? just starting to get some topics together for my session. thanks again bob for having this and inviting me. later Jason..