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    My religion is satanism

    I'm sorry, that's incorrect. rutherford and DavidCC were on the money. What is referred to as "Wicca" today was a creation in the 50's. The 1950's, based on the writings of Gerald Gardner. Back in college, wiccan pals of mine used to spread the same fluff...that it was the oldest religion...
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    Antyville horror?!

    I get tired of the "Based on a true story" bit... Good resource for what really happened.
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    2005 Theme, Gyokko ryu, Bojutsu and sword

    I can see Aric's angle on the statement, at least I believe so. Gyokko ryu can be viewed as a physical representation of esoteric buddhism (or was originally). Ten ryaku uchu gassho in buddhism is about polishing the heart....a promise to the heavens, for example...not so much a "martial"...
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    what do u believe is the best dicipline and why?

    Time outs work pretty well. If things still continue to go wrong, removal of things that my daughter enjoys. Oh...s'not what you meant..
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    Bujinkan and Genbukan

    *sigh* Regardless, your "source" (which you have continued to not name in your excited tirade) is wrong.
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    Quake, Tsunami Kills More Than 22,000 In Asia

    "I got beach front property in Arizona...." ;)
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    Teen Sues Over Confederate Flag Prom Dress

    I'm with Jeff. Why is it that people automatically equate the Union Jack with slavery and racism? There was a hell of a lot more to it then that.. Yet another liberal double standard. Neat.
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    Have you ever used your training?

    A couple of months ago a large group of friends and I were at Karaoke (ugh). Evidently, said night was....we'll call him "Mike" (because that's his name)....Mike's birthday (no..not Pratt). Mike, very late in the night came in and was staggering drunk on entrance. He approached two of the...
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    Edited...for ...erm...yeah
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    Thats it, Im done with martial art

    Anyone else get the 'poor me' tone from the original post? :rolleyes: Please, kid. Please.
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    Bujinkan/TSD: Compare/Contrast

    Kaith, Just make sure Jeff leaves his monpa at home..
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    Dear Mr Roley

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    Your ranking system

    The bit that bothers me here is the fact that the "group" is going off of ego-ist instinct. While those who know (Don in Japan) and trying to be up front and dispell such nonsense. The amount of teachers that teach off of notes...with no background as to said notes, save for two weeks a...
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    Questions on Stephen Hayes

    No. Hatsumi sensei has no children.