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    Iaido Kata Seitei 01 Ippon-me - Mae

    Sorry, but I live in China, and youtube is blocked, and can only be gotten thru to via a cumbersome proxy.
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    Iaido Kata Seitei 01 Ippon-me - Mae

    Very sorry for the accidental repeat post! Will do my best to avoid them in the future. Thanks.
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    Kung Fu Pepsi Commercial

    Hadn't seen this:
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    Slow, Precise Naginata Kata Demo

    A very nice performance of classical Naginata Kata. Normally it's done much quicker, here shows the demo speed.
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    Child Performs Bassia Dai

    A very credible performance of Bassai Dai by a young kid. Wow.
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    Iaido Kata Seitei 01 Ippon-me - Mae

    Beautiful clip of Iaido technique.
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    Favorite calisthenic workouts?

    5 minutes on the rope, 2 sets 50 lying twists/50 crunches superset 25 pushups, 4 sets shrugs then curls with dumbbells, 3 sets hand grips 100 reps
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    sourness in my knees practicing Muay thai blocks

    If your knees are sour, I suggest sugar.
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    Grossest thing you ever saw in martial arts? (in person)

    That was so gross, I wish I had not read it...
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    Howdy from DC!

    Welcome to MT. And as for being a "lowly green belt" - we all kick beneath the sky.
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    Inoki Vrs Willie Wiilams: A Brawl!!!

    Willie Williams was one of the great Kyokushin fighters from that period. Thanks for the info. Osu!
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    Inoki Vrs Willie Wiilams: A Brawl!!!

    A real nasty brawl between the wrestler Antonio Inoki and Kyokushin fighter Willie Williams. I don't know the date or even who won - but Lord, what a brawl!
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    IWGP Hulk Hogan vs Antonio Inoki

    I have no doubt this was largely an "exhibition", but these guys were skillful, and dangerous fighters. It should be further remarked that Inoki was a VERY dirty fighter if provoked (see, for example, his bout with the American kickboxer Everett Eddy). Anyway, enjoyable to watch these two...
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    Who competes, and in what?

    I compete daily against the toughest opponent anywhere - myself. I can't claim any great success rate in these bouts, but I keep at it. One of us is going to wear down or change - sooner or later.
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    The Limitations of MMA & Kickboxing in Self-defense Applications

    An informative article! Of course, all those who have simply jumped on board the current MA craze train (MMA), don't want to hear a word of it. And won't.