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    Winter Grappling In The Snow!

    hardcore man! good stuff. jf
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    How do you throw a high kick when sparring?

    i like the 45 degree step, but i always throw a right cross as i step, followed by the right roundhouse. i don't usually think about where it's going, i just throw where it's open. the problem with learning static combos (although we all have to start there) is that opponents seldom just hang...
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    First thing you wanted to learn

    i was walking to the the gas station & a kid from my school was in his backyard breaking cinder blocks. i tried to do it & couldn't, so i started training with him. i still can't break cinder blocks but i don't really care to anymore. just happy i got started. jf
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    wing chun effectiveness

    do you have a source, or do i just take your word? i've never heard of closer-than-close quarters combat. i've always heard CQC as a general reference to hand to hand, usually including short range weapons. once again, it's all relative. ura nage (suplex) requires more work than a straight...
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    wing chun effectiveness

    how is clinching not close quarter? different systems use different definitions. in most military contexts, all hand-to-hand is called "close", relative to firing range at least. it's all semantics anyway; i don't think most styles have a fixed measure on what constitutes close. i'm not...
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    Traditional Chinese Training In Denver Area?

    great folks at CAMA. the owner was one of the guys who helped bring remy presas to the US. i never had a huge drive to learn arnis, but i couldn't pass up training with this guy. looking forward to checking out that boxing club, a coworker of mine used to box & spoke pretty highly of them. jf
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    Traditional Chinese Training In Denver Area?

    i'm doing arnis at colorado academy of martial arts ( ). i'm not in their jujitsu program, but i get together with one of their instructors & grapple once a week or so. after the holidays i'll probably start going to the boxing club at the 20th street rec center...
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    Women worse at parking than men, study shows

    we need a study for this? what's next? water's wet? jf
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    Suspend and/or Expel Student

    never had to. seems like bad eggs just didn't stick around my club somehow. too much clean livin', i guess :angel: jf
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    Whats your fav self defense style or art?

    shingitai jujitsu, my primary style. my preference for it has as much to do with the principles of shingitai as the jujitsu part. jujitsu is just what i enjoy & what comes natural to me. shin (mind) having the will to fight, or a fighter's heart...putting your head in the game...
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    Traditional Chinese Training In Denver Area?

    i've settled into my training spots by now, but i'd like to know what you thought of the training, what a typical class was like, that sort of thing. jf
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    reaction drills

    that's good that it helped, but if you keep it up this will most likely mess up your knees or hips. now that the problem is fixed, it might be a good ideal to cut the reps down. just my input, jf
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    reaction drills

    i've found that certain responses are more natural to me & therefore quicker. instead of checking the kick on your shin, try throwing a right cross (assuming it's a right leg kick) as soon as you see the kick coming. it will still hit you, but your punch should knock them off balance & take...
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    TKD monkeys attack their trainer.

    dear people, monkeys are awesome. do not mess with monkeys or they will **** you up jungle style. if you teach a monkey martial arts you will get what you deserve, which is an even more severe monkey ***-beating than you already had coming. monkeys are awesome. this public service...
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    Can't believe I never heard of these guys!

    these guys are awesome! i got to see them several years ago & it was one of my favorite shows ever. big fun. they just released a new album so they'll probably be on tour soon, i highly recommend them. jf