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    santishi, or santi standing.

    No, santi stance is not fighting stance. so don't understanding as modern boxing thinking. .
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    Wuji Standing - From the old Blog

    wuji standing need relax more , like goose feathers in the wind
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    Anyone got a complete list of all styles Bruce Lee trained?

    i also want to this trainning plan. thank you.
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    How often to practice Stretches and Stance Work

    Stretching is the basic of kung fu ,and also boxing, tkd, jkd ,almost all martial arts. stretching can make your muscle is more flexible, then your action is coordinated, your leg can kick higher. Stance is practice structurer, and stance is also belong to qigong ,so you must know the principle...
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    Baguazhang Fighting Techniques?

    Yes, Bagua practitioner can't fight till now.
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    New Here

    thank you!
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    santishi, or santi standing.

    very good standard of santishi
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    Xingyiquan - Santi Si - A different approach - Blog Entry

    santishi, or santi standing may be the most difficult in Chinese martial arts. there are many details.
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    Tai Chi is not easy.

    yes, tai chi is is difficult, complicated
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    New Here

    Hello, this is James from China. first time here