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    strange technique

    You can't compare the two. It's not the fact that it's an aerial maneuver that makes it useless. Just because one aerial move from an entirely different discipline works doesn't mean another will be effective. What makes it useless is that it won't work and you'll end up on the canvas!
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    "submarine kick"

    i think if you do a search for cobra punch here you'll find what you're looking for. basically, you fake a round kick then punch them while your leg is still in the air - a surprise attack.
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    muay thai technique

    To anybody that has trained for more than a few weeks, I don't know how useful this list really is, but here are a few things I'd like to note: 1. You might add the overhand right (or left from a southpaw). 2. I don't really know how you can throw a lead cross. Isn't this contradictory to...
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    Sash Tests

    I think I can speak for the majority of the people on this board and say that we'd be a little weary of this, solely for the reason, as you already feel, that it smacks of a mcdojo money making scheme. It's not really something popular in the West, or anywhere else for that matter.
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    Ramon Dekkers DVD

    That's what I was afraid of. No other replies so I guess that's what I'll have to do. Thanks, Odin.
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    Ramon Dekkers DVD

    Anybody know where I could get the DVDs of his fights? Most of the places that I've found online that sell them are coming out of Europe. Anybody know a vendor in the US?
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    Hey Everybody!!!

    Hey MuayThaiGuy. Welcome. I can understand your concerns. We've all met at least one retired boxer stuck with a speech impediment for the rest of his life due to too many rounds in the ring. However, most of the time if you find a retired Muay Thai fighter that struggles with the effects of...
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    First ring fight

    Big props man. You did alright. I have a feeling by the next fight you'll keep your head and remember the game plan. Congrats on a great first fight. Definitely nothing to be embarrassed about.
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    Taking leg kicks

    Who's Master Sken?
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    Shin Conditioning, Diet, and Sex for Performance?

    It's interesting, but I'm skeptical. To read the study you have to subscribe to the journal, so we don't know how significant the increase in testosterone levels was, and given that the study only included 10 participants, it's hard to draw and solid conclusions from it...
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    Shin Conditioning, Diet, and Sex for Performance?

    Sex doesn't affect testosterone levels. If that were the case, guys who abstained from sex would be bigger and stronger than those who didn't. The archaic training advice to avoid sex before athletic competition has some value (although very little) given the idea that a heavy session with the...
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    Muay Thai vs Taekwondo #2

    That one's been posted on here quite a few times.
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    Why so few elbows?

    I think Green hit the nail on the head.
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    Anyone ever have to use their boxing skills in the street?

    lol - a native and 2 black guys. I love how the descriptions in stories like this are pretty much race, and that's it. I'm not criticizing you, Ric, just social commentary, I guess.
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    Superbowl XL - Hawks are getting robbed!

    When is the NFC going to start winning Superbowls again?