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  • Remember them basement parties, your brothers karate, the all day rock and roll shows?
    I'm gonna write about the birthday gown that I bought in town, when you sat down and cried on the stairs. You knew it didn't cost the earth, but for what it's worth, you made me feel a millionaire.
    What can I say, I'm a Xingyiquan addict and I need a fix :D
    And Yiquan is close enough to Xingyi to what the heck :D
    I'm doing well, been through some rough times, but I always bounce back. I'm now in West Jefferson,N.C.(other side of Boone). I started teaching a " Ladies Self Defense " class here that was supost to be a three class series,but it has grown from five students to 12 and we are now on week 7 and still going. I am so glad to see you still here. How are things going up there?
    just when thought it was safe, I'm Back! Hiya Pam
    thank you! It's much appreciated. I didn't realise I'd walked into a bit of a bear pit with that one lol!
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