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    Dogma in the martial arts

    In my experience the people who join a martial arts cult are [subconsciously] looking to join a cult regardless of where it comes from. It makes them feel like they are special because they are part of the one true group of people that have all the answers. This is more common in some styles...
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    Adding interesting challenges to forms/poomsae

    Definitely. Doing different exercises like this helps to make sure you actually learn the form and not just associate direction and landmarks to different techniques. One of my favorite is to break down forms into bars (easy for Kukkiwon poomsae and pyung ahn Kata) and do each bar in progressive...
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    Lower belts keep kicking me in the groin. Need advice.

    We have a very specific rule set when it comes to contact level in sparring; Never hit harder than you want to be hit, only go as hard as your opponent wants to go, if at anytime you feel unsafe for any reason step off the training floor and notify an instructor. On top of this we have contact...
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    Tips for Sanchin

    The Uechi Ryu sensei I train with does use the toes to certain spots (inner thigh for one), and the ball of the foot to others. The top of the foot (instep) is used sometimes too for groin kicks. I'm not sure if that's all Uechi style or not though.
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    Forum question

    I have a question related to the forum and wasn't sure where else to put it. Is it possible to unfollow or remove oneself from a thread so as not to get any new notifications from it?
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    discouraged by the TKD community

    Why is anyone still humoring this guy at this point? His grasp on how reality works seems to be at a level that I am genuinely convinced that he is just trolling. We are all better than this. This thread had dissolved into a delusional individual simply trying to start arguments with others for...
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    Tips for Sanchin

    Wow, thanks everyone. A lot of great insight and discussion here on this Kata and a lot of things for me to consider. The more I study it the more I like it, there is so much to learn from it that seamlessly applies to my TKD training. I wish the online TKD community was this helpful about things.
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    Tips for Sanchin

    I began exploring the Goju version to see what it has to offer in addition to the Uechi version. If it's theyre I want to learn from it even if its just at surface level.
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    Tips for Sanchin

    I have actually found a lot of benefit from training the Uechi version so far in various aspects but mostly improved overall body alignment. I can see why this Kata, despite its apparent simplicity, is so widely regarded in Okinawan Karate. It has quite a depth of things to learn from it and I...
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    Tips for Sanchin

    Hello all. I recently started a study of Sanchin kata, both Goju Ryu and Uechi Ryu. I myself am a Taekwondoin but love all martial arts and have also studied Shotokan for several years. I have a close friend who is 7th dan Uechi Ryu that I have been training and discussing the kata with. While...
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    discouraged by the TKD community

    You're wasting your time with this guy. I keep seeing his posts pop up on various threads and his knowledge of...well pretty much everything he talks about is barely surface level at best. It's like trying to explain advanced English literature to a person with a 5 year old's grasp of the language.
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    Who is using contracts?

    We were shut down completely for 6 months due to covid and unfortunately only retained about 20%-30% immediately upon reopening but that is because there were a lot of Job losses in our area so people moved to find new work. We did get about 80% back over the past few months though. We don't...
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    Eliminating 1 Weakness vs Adding 1 Strength

    all things equal, your net gain is the same either way isn't it?
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    Is ball of the foot roundhouse outdated with modern shoes?

    So I have a hypothesis on where the 45 degrees comes from. I may be completely wrong but here me out; If you are in a traditional TKD back stance for your fighting stance and you do a round kick with the lead leg then the back foot may only have to rotate 45 degrees. Your back foot would be 90...
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    Is ball of the foot roundhouse outdated with modern shoes?

    relative to what? Relative to the direction of the kick/direction you are looking then it looks like 1 quarter full rotation which is 90degrees, relative to the wall it's pointing at then it's 0 degrees, relative to the room behind you then about 270. Consider that 45 degrees is 1/8 of a full...