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    My 4th dan test break

    Nice job! Good looking break. Best wishes on your upcoming rank exam.
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    "rogue" diets...

    Reinhard is a very nice guy and responsive to questions and feedback about his various systems. Shovelglove is a lot of fun and effective as well. If you are interested in low cost kettlebelling, you should invest in a Kettlestack. I love mine. Truthfully, I can do all of the exercises I enjoy...
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    "rogue" diets...

    For a sustainable eating style that is compatible what whatever nutritional plan you may prefer, I recommend the No S Diet.
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    The Straight Left and How to cultivate it by "Peerless" Jim Driscoll

    I also appreciate your work in preserving and distributing these resources. Thank you, sir, for what you do. Joel Ellis
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    10 Grappling Games For Balance

    Nice drills. Thanks for sharing them.
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    Early forms of the Double Leg takedown

    Neat! Thanks for sharing the photos. There are some interesting differences in the form illustrated in the photos and the more modern application of the technique, but it is fascinating to see these earlier sources.
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    I am no longer Nidanchris!!

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    Wooden Dummy

    Those Great Lion models look very nice. Has anyone ever worked on a "half jong?"
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    1 Kata to Rule Them All

    This thread has been very interesting and helpful to me. Thanks for sharing it.
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    Portable Mook Jong

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions.
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    Portable Mook Jong

    I know this has been discussed before, but I wanted to see if there were any newer experiences or recommendations. I am considering a portable mook jong like this one: Does anyone have any experience or suggestions relative...
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    Any good schools in Raleigh, NC?

    You might try Mr. Parson's school, Triangle Kenpo. He teaches Chinese Kenpo and is not only a great instructor, he has a great core group of guys that train with him. Joel
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    Family related techniques in tracy kenpo

    I don't know that we FOCUS on the family groupings, and we certainly don't discuss the analogy in any detail with beginning students, but relationships between the techniques is a primary factor in the way I develop lesson plans. I usually focus each training session on techniques related by...
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    Dream come true!!

    GREAT story! Thanks for sharing it with us.
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    Free styling Ke(m/n)po?

    I agree that the scenario is likely to occur in specific contexts and certainly can occur in any context. If every assault was an ambush and was ended with the first exchange, there would be no reason for EPAK to contain techniques that begin in a fighting stance. But such techniques do exist...