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    The use of "Shaolin" to describe CMAs that are not Shaolin-based to sound authentic

    Using the Shaolin name has been going on for so long, it's practically it's own tradition. To make it even more confusing, there's debate about how much martial arts the Shaolin themselves did, before the name became popular.
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    Master of Nothing: Or An Ounce of Humility

    That first line was brilliant. When it comes to our personal flaws, I think a lot of us just turn a blind eye to it, or run from it completely. It can take some courage to face those thing. But while you're working on smoothing out those wrinkles, you don't want to beat yourself up over it...
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    How To Start Martial Arts Training

    Some excellent advice.
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    Since I've been away for awhile, here's this

    Congratulations. Now, you're just getting started.
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    What is really the difference between TMA and MMA? False Dichotomy...

    I have an idea. Not sure how well it works for more clear definition but, let's see. Instead of MMA, and TMA, how about kickboxing/grappling styles, and non kickboxing/grappling styles? I can't think of an overall term for non kickboxing/grappling styles.
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    What is Hwa Rang Do? How is it different from other MAs?

    The people involved in it have made a three part video about how Hwa Rang Do was formed. Here's the first part.
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy the site.
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    Kungfu documentary includes a boxer sparring with baji and pigua

    It all sounds promising, but the subtitles are really small. They're hard to read, so I can't really get into watching them. Which is a shame.
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    New training area!

    Looks pretty cool.
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    I finally built it!

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    For all those who think martial arts are fake.

    I had forgotten about that video. But now that you made me remember it, I'm going to have to share it with some friends now. Thanks.
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    Uncommon weapons

    There are an awful lot of martial arts weapons out there. Some are pretty rare, and some, though I see them in catalogs, I almost never see anyone practicing with them. I remember when I first saw a nagamaki but didn't know what it's name was. Trying to look it up took a really long, long time...
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    is Jun Chong TKD a legitimate TKD dojo for self defense?

    Not all TKD schools are McDojos. And every style of Martial art has been called unrealistic at one point or another. I don't think any of us has experience with this school so none of us can give you an exact answer to your questions. Only thing I could find out when looking it up, is that it is...
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    Chinese Martial Arts Weapons forum

    I've had only a tiny bit of training with the staff, and broadsword. But I have handled a lot of weapons before. My favorites were the spear, and the tiger hooks.
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    Your Art is BS!

    These are really funny. I'm going to have to watch more after I get home from work. Thanks for sharing these.