I am a Kenpo karateka which means I am a practitioner of an eclectic martial art based on the style popularized by Ed Parker. My sifu was Jose Delgado and he grew very ill and could not continue teaching. I recently picked up Shou shu which a mix of Edmond Parker kenpo and animal forms of from kung fu.

I now seek another kenpo dojo to continue my instruction in the style, but that has been put on hold as I am enjoying my Shou Shu training. My martial arts journey is always growing and I will never reject a style as they can all help me on my path. My name is how I am described by others, an iron bear due to the fact I am stocky, fuzzy and can take a beating and dish out a slaughter in return.
Jan 23, 1989 (Age: 33)
College student.





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