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    Hi, What is my dads TKD lineage?

    kframe it's good hear there are few dedicated MA's left in Fort Wayne. I grew up there, and will be back there Saturday for a seminar at the aforementioned Hapkido school. I'm not sure how long you've been in FT.Wayne but I got my 1st Dan from Master OH, Young Kwan back in 1990. PM me. I may...
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    Bigak & Hanryu

    I know these forms came out a couple years ago but have not really heard anything about them since. My question is why were they created and is there a future for them? Thanks Patrick
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    Who is the best source for learning Hapkido?

    In the past they had a Yong Mu Do championship in the Chicago area. What I gathered was that the younger masters had issues with the very long time Dr Min students. I have never met Dr Min but if you look in EVERY United States Grandmasters Society picture he is nearly dead center in the first...
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    Who is the best source for learning Hapkido?

    Yong Mu Do is an art created at Yong In. It is a combination of mainly Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Yudo. There are alot of Yong In grads in Chicago and they all are at least a 4th Dans in it. It is spearheaded here in the states by Dr Min at UC Berkley, although he is retired from teaching. One...
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    What do you use to clean your dobak?

    Steve is exactly right. I spray white vinegar right onto the armpits and it prevents the yellow stains. I also agree with everybody else that you wash it right when you get home. Also speed stick makes a product that prevents your armpits from getting the yellow stains that works pretty well...
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    What is TSD history?

    I have intended to ask this question for awhile but was afraid it would turn into the proverbial mud slinging thread. My question is how much formal training did GM Hwang Kee really have and was he experienced enough to start his own kwan? The reason I ask is because I come from a Moo Duk Kwan...
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    Small Tribute to my KJN.

    GM Ahn is also a very understanding/kind man. After he moved his school to Blue Ash Ohio (a suberb of Cincinnati) there was a coffee and bagel shop that we both frequented in the same strip mall where his dojang was. One day I was running late and came walking around the corner and ran right...
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    John Pellegrini

    That's the beauty of certifications. If GM Wests 9th Dan was signed by GM Seo (which it is not) but at one point his certs were then you have 3 GMs (using the term GM loosely) you have 2 extremely skilled martial artsist, West and Timmerman, and one not nearly as skilled as they are all holding...
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    John Pellegrini