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    why do I mostly see older folks when attending adult Karate class?

    Older people have more time and money to pursue goals that would have been more difficult when they were younger because of just starting out, building a family etc.
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    Share your greatest song or lyric???

    Something a little lighthearted:
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    Share your greatest song or lyric???

    That is nice....
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    Share your greatest song or lyric???

    You beat me to it Steve..
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    Raspberry Pi

    I don't know about Raspbian but Linux Mint is fairly user friendly if you are familiar with Windows, I use it all the time. As for command lines it's learnable you just have to have patience and tenacity, not a big deal for a martial artist.
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    Ray Liotta

    RIP, you brought us some great performances.
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    While a few folks have rubbed me the wrong way a time or two I've never felt the need to block or ignore anybody here. At worst I just take a day or two off from MT and read a book.
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    The Miraculous Power of Fasting

    Try this: Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system.
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    Too old?

    Welcome, loads of people start martial arts when they are older than you. You may get some aches and pains but eventually your body will grow accustomed to training.
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    looking for the name of a weapon

    I love old kung-fu movies that have very interesting weapons. Very much a James Bond kind of vibe.
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    Cultural Appropriation/Supremacy

    Of course I don't consider teaching a martial art from a culture that I do not belong to to be cultural appropriation. The great thing about the U.S.A. is it's a melting pot of cultures and ideas. It is that very diversity that makes us strong as a nation and individuals. I love that I can...