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    Taekwondo Master too harsh for my almost 5 year old?

    If you or your child feel uncomfortable then it is time to find a new school. It does not matter if the reason seems trivial or silly to you, the fact that you feel uncomfortable is enough to make the switch.
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    Meditation in Taekwondo Classes

    It depends upon your reason for doing TKD in the first place. If someone comes to TKD class to get a bit of exercise then meditation during class time would turn them away because they would want the class time filled up with activity. They may also see it as paying a lot of money each month...
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    old tiger vs young tiger

    As we age we lose a bit of speed and mobility. Your task is to recognise that and then make up the difference with experience. We have to adjust to what our bodies can and cannot do and accept the fact that we are not getting any younger. Always fight in a way that brings out your strengths. You...
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    doing poomsae

    Before I practice at home part of my warm up is to do the Taeguks in order. Then part of my cool down is to do the Taeguks in reverse order. In that way I start and finish my training with Taeguk 1.
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    WTF-Taekwondo or ITF-Taekwondo, What should I choose?

    It depends upon what you want out of your TKD training. If all you want to do is learn a bit of self defence and keep fit then the choice of ITF vs WTF does not matter as long as the school you pick teaches those things. If you want a long and illustrious career in TKD then the choice is a...
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    Honorary Titles?

    I have seen a lot of "World <Insert Federation Here> Champion" on uniforms where the federation was one created by the school owner. The only people in the federation came from their school. It might be technically correct but it is very misleading.
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    Why hang a Korean flag in your Taekwondo dojang?

    A lot of countries have a very short flag code, something along the lines of "Don't drop it and if you do then pick it up before someone else sees you.".
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    Taekwondo on UK TV advert (commercial in American)

    My cousins son is one of the generic TKD people.
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    Another black mark for USAT

    Which one of the tenets of TKD involves screaming obscenities at people?
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    fighting bigger and stronger person or people

    No matter how big or tough a person is there is one part of the body that cannot be strengthened and that is the eyes. Having said that it is going to be very difficult to get to them. Knees are another good area, a good roundhouse to the knee will take someone down. Your aim should be to take...
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    The role of patterns/forms/poomsae in Taekwondo

    I had to take a year out of training due to blood pressure issues (the cardiologist told me to stop exercising). During that time I decided that I could do very low impact stuff and so I spent some time at home learning and practicing various poomsae both up to and above my belt level. I noticed...
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    Teaching Taekwondo to beginners over the age of 40

    I would echo a lot of the sentiments already mentioned... Treat me like an adult. Show me what to do and then watch me do it to make sure I do it properly. I do not need to do 10 push-ups if I get it wrong, that just wastes my time and yours. I can and will practice on my own at home so once I...
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    Grading procedures

    According to the INS non-citizens should stay silent during the pledge. I asked them about that before I became a citizen because I was a boy scout leader and they say the pledge every week so I thought I would clarify the situation. To answer another question, yes the pledge is definitely an...
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    Bouncing Bouncing Bouncing ??

    I think that bouncing is one of those techniques that does not work well for everybody. It seems to work better for the younger/smaller crowd while it seems to be less applicable to us older/heavier people.
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    Reasons for dropping out of (or taking a break from) Taekwondo (or another martial art)

    1. What caused you to stop? Very high blood pressure. My cardiologist told me to stop exercising. 2. How long was your break from practice? 1 year. 3. What motivated your return to practice? I wanted to keep doing TKD. 4. How did you get back into practice (e.g., did you return immediately...