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    Top 10 Kung Fu Movies

    My top ten kung fu movies 10) Drunken Master 9) Fearless 8) Ip Man 7) Snake in the Eagles Shadow 6) Five Venoms 5) The Blade (90's) 4) Avenging Eagle 3) Once upon a time in China 2 (Jet Li vs Donnie Yen) 2) The 36th Chamber of Shaolin 1) The Magic Blade Lots of classic Kung fu movies which I...
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    Thor VS Green Lantern... who will win?

    I'm a Marvel zombie, so you can guess which movie I'll pick. In fact a Marvel Zombies movie could be interesting. Probably gonna just rent GL. Also, they should've let Hal stay dead. Kyle is a better GL, IMO.
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    Thor trailer is up!

    is there any release of the Captain America teaser? It was shown the same time as Thor trailer in SDCC.
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    MMA as self defense

    Well, In my opinion, if you have the basics of how to punch, kick, block, lock and move properly and know how to apply them then you have the basics of how to fight which can be used for self defence. Whether its MMA or TMA or whatever MA, if you have the basics, then it can be used for basic...
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    Jackie Chan On MMA

    Misunderstood your earlier comment. Sorry 'bout that. And you chose the example that MMA is big in Japan, so I made the assumption. But the difference is a sporting event and a real life situation. That is where it differs. In sports, don't hit your opponent when he is down. That is the opinion...
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    Jackie Chan On MMA

    I think we are talking about Jackie's statement and an explanation in order to understand where he is coming from and not what I think about MMA and groundfighting. And I don't think Jackie watches MMA anyway. Also, Jackie Chan is Chinese not Japanese, they are 2 different cultures with...
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    Jackie Chan On MMA

    I think Jackie Chans way of thinking is different due to the difference of culture. For some, having these kind of action as a sport is considered as too violent and dishonourable since a sporting event is about respect, honour, fairplay and sportsmanship. You can practice as hard as you want...
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    Pencak Silat Glossary

    Some corrections and Malaysian meaning to the words in terms of silat, same words but used differently. Some I'm not sure because of the spelling. Baju Melayu = The Malaysian silat uniform./ This is used for special occasions such as weddings, or when going to the mosque and not just for silat...
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    Which Silat Style?

    The Majapahit empire based in Java does not extend to the Philipines. However, based on the interactions/trade/wars between all the empires in the region, which is known or named as the Malay archipelago by some historians, consisting of Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Southern Philipines and...
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    New Ong Bak

    Vasi, what about it that wasn't great. The action or storyline?
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    New to MT

    Hi All, Actually registered in MT last year but have been busy with work and have not posted anything since registering. This is my first post, just to get a feel of posting in this forum. If you see that my next post in this forum is in 2011, then basically I'm swamped with work again...