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  • Bloody hell. So typical Sensei Kimura. I suppose I should say I expected pretty much all of that. I suppose I do need to calm down my overwhelming desire for combat. It's strange, but I think since being in the military I can't shake this little space inside me that doesn't have a care for things going on around it. I had a strange conversation the other day. When I was at a BBQ at my unles house. He was a bit squiffy (in my family that means smashed but able to talk straight). He was going on about army stuff and how I had a stark change in character once I came back fom a months training. His words were, 'When you look at people it's like you're eyes are made from steel'. It scared the hell out of me, I don't want to be that sort of person. Funny thing is, the more I thought about it the more it seemed true. I really should strive to get that out of my system. Ah well, we all have our demons I suppose, just a matter of fighting them off long enough for that great epiphany.
    Anyways I suppose the only thing to say is:

    Let us tread the path.
    We are more than the sum of our parts.
    We are eternal and eternity is us.

    The carp ascends the mountain.
    This type of thing runs through my head fairly constantly, I seem to have developed a portion of my martial mind which is insulated from normal daily functions and is dedicated to the subconscious development of my chosen art.

    This is the true nature of Mushin.

    People can take polite advice as nosey interference MAists tend to be critical and protective of their respective arts and generally dont take criticism well.
    The fire does tend to burn more ferociously in the youthful however, it is a bright, almost reckless fire which can destroy the user if much care is not taken.

    As knowledge and experience grows, so too the fire deepens into a chamber of internal energy which can then be tapped as required.
    My fire can still burn furnace bright, it just takes more fuel to stoke it than it once did.

    Think of it as a muscle in a constant state of tension after a while, the muscle loses its dynamic; this is also the case with your fire.

    Tranquil lucidity, if you have listened to my teachings, is a natural state (once students have learned to control the effects of adrenaline stress and have understood the true nature of Fudoshin).
    Now, during the few combat situations I have found myself in, time almost seems to become meaningless the aggressor becomes a slow-motion parody and the attack becomes transparent.
    This a direct result of no substance but fierce storm rage.

    The vortex, from the perspective of the eye, is actually a push, as opposed to a pull, but is a product of the manipulation of the opposing forces, using both to your own advantage without allowing the storm to disrupt your flow of energy (potential and kinetic).

    Never be clear, still like pond always be wisp like cloud.

    I can tell that you are doing some homework I consider myself to be a lifelong (and perhaps eternal) student of the way, I would hope that you view yourself in a similar way.

    Long discussions of this nature tend to be more restrictive than progressive .
    At the moment, youre not missing any bits you are exactly where I wanted you to be at this stage of your development.

    I constantly guide my students (though particularly you and Nath), even if you are not aware of my guidance.
    There are steps to be taken and some of those steps will require a leap of faith from you.
    Some of this journey will be about self-discovery rather than enforced learning the depth of knowledge required insists that the learning must be attuned to the individual.
    I have started you and Nath on the path to understanding the null hypothesis of the void - as can be seen in Sanchin Dai Ichi though this knowledge will define its own path and its progression will be Kaizen; small steps of continuous improvement, not giant leaps of epiphany (there shouldnt be any left anyway weve already taken all we can).

    The energy of the vortex permeates throughout nature but is so subtle that it has been missed by generations of martial artists the old Masters were aware of the true nature of this but the knowledge has been lost over time (or deliberately withheld from anyone but the most proficient members of the ryu).

    There are people (even some very senior MAists I have come across) who will NEVER be ready for the depth of understanding I am trying to teach.
    These students will almost certainly be very capable physical martial artists but they will be unable (or unwilling) to immerse themselves in the esoteric nature of what they practice this is the way of things.

    Its not a matter or trust I can sleep easy each night in the knowledge that I have provided, for each student, what they need at each stage of their progress.
    It may be that, for each student, the provision has been massively different but we are dealing with human beings and their respective boundaries and restrictions.

    The best we can hope for is to be the best Instructors we can for our students and hope that they will choose to progress their knowledge beyond the physical.

    We can only show them the path, the decision to step onto it is theirs and we cannot guide them until they are on the path.

    The fight is not for the swift, nor for the strong but for they who endure unto the end.

    The lives of those martial artists, such as ourselves, who tread the path, is intrinsically linked to it once upon the path, it is not possible to deviate.
    The only variable we can then influence is the speed at which the path is trod.

    You do not need to seek you will be sought, this is also the way of things.

    I can force my students to listen to me by roaring but real knowledge is transferred when I whisper.

    The teachings of Kumamoto and the densho are the secret teachings of the ryu and will only ever be passed on through Keppan some students within our ryu will NEVER receive these teachings as their character is such that it precludes the issuing of certain responsibilities.

    These students will remain within the Dan-I system and never progress through Menkyo, Shogo or Keppan.

    This is not a failing on either their part or ours liken this to a vessel within them which has limited volume capacity (when compared to the true martial scientist, who has limitless capacity for progression).

    As Im sure youve noticed (from earlier this week), I have turned up the hard correction dial.lessons to be learned.

    Most of the senior grades are oblivious of the vortex but that doesnt mean the vortex becomes ineffective.

    I dont consider the senior grades weak, even without knowledge of the vortex.

    There can be no corruption of the eye it is isolated from the nuances of dojo life.

    It is my belief that we have stemmed any further decay within our own dojo but must know decide how we pass on the message to the martial world at large, regarding the boundaries of responsibility and the critical role we all collectively play.

    The plan is that we continue as we were.

    We will guide all students to the extent of their capability and strive to satisfy each students individual needs.

    Do what right is, no matter what cost.

    Follow path where no react no act no move no still just be.

    We would be remiss to allow our students to dictate how we react to each situation you must not react to the storm, the outer winds will always threaten to engulf the path, the true eye is standing in the 4 winds.

    I define the actions, not the reactions when understand last path to step must take, you stand forever in the 4 winds.

    The vortex is in a constant state of vorticular flux the eye is constant.

    I have always said that I dont want a dojo full of mini-mes but a dojo full of individuals, wherein the real skill lies; allowing each student the space to grow whilst guiding them on the path, without them being conscious of such guidance.
    My dojo is the purest place I know, it is the place I run to for my physical, emotional and spiritual protection and I will do everything within my power to protect the dojo from any outside influence which threatens its finely balanced equilibrium.

    The butterfly is perfuming
    It wings in the scent
    Of the Orchid.

    I will continue to teach the lessons of Kumamoto and the ideals and values of my dearly loved and desperately missed parents, in their honour.

    If I can, at the end of my life, have achieved even half of the honour and integrity they had, I will consider my self to be blessed with success at my quest.

    Search for find and eye of storm be.

    This is the way of things.

    Im going to stop now, Im getting all emotional

    Sorry for the long post but, hell, you know me.
    Let em stand on my shoulders, their problem when they break there arsebone when I throw em off, heh heh. A little polite advice never goes amiss I always say, but you know it does get boring after a bit.
    As for moonlit paths I dunno, I seem to have a bit too much sunburn at the moment. I think I carry a little too much of the suns fire in me (which I think I'm entitled to being 20 years old and without too many worries) so I have a while before it eclipses and I gain a calmer more moonlit approach. But that is what we all strive for though isn't it? That tranquil lucidity and clear thought all the time/timelessness. A timeless state of self that is made from the steady pull of the vortex. It's hard work but I'm doing my homework ;)

    Maybe we should have a good sit down discussion one of the days, you could fill me in on the bits I'm missing. Or maybe you're already guiding me there?

    Funny trail of thought: I watched Jet Li's The One Yesterday, I love that film. It struck a chord with me about harmonies. Y'know how it says about there being many of self in the multiverse and that they are connected by a circle of energy. It made me think; the dojo's much like that isn't it? All the students making up a circle/spiral of energy. Made me worried about the grading coming up. There are a lot of people who aren't ready to throw themselves willingly into the cool fires of the way. They don't have enough trust in us (the instructors) and more importantly themselves as martial artists. Technically I haven't seen too many problems that can't be ironed out quite quickly, but in terms of the esoteric and mental strength they are really lacking. I have to think, have we done enough to nurture that side of our art in our more senior students? I like to think we have. Which leaves you with the dilemma then; have they actually listened? You can hear a million different sounds and more at any one moment, yet the true eye of the storm is being able to listen to them all individually.

    Anyways I'm rambling on about random thoughts now, but I am worried about the strength of our 'vortex' of senior grades. If we allow the weaknesses in without hard correction then it will filter down the spiral and corrupt the eye. Then be passed out the other side and so the great martial arts decay carries on, in our dojo no less.

    I know you've probably had all this run through your head already, so what's the plan?
    Heh, heh....you know me too well now.

    I've always had a view that you should know your competition which is why I silently watch and listen.

    Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

    Typically, these types of forum attract wannabies and neverwills and I just can't be bothered justifying what I do to people who will NEVER understand.

    Like you, I was once patient and engaged in "remote coaching" however, I now susbscribe to the "aloof teacher" school.

    If you want me, you will seek me out, if not, ne'er shall our paths cross or our fates meet (my path is moonlit, how about yours?).

    These days, I whisper far more than I roar and the wise student must learn to listen or miss the moment.

    Obviously, none of this is directed at you - just be careful of those who would strive to stand upon your shoulders and then spend the rest of their lives in the mistaken belief that they can look down on you.

    The dragon is intrepid, his step is virtuous for he fears nothing.
    He knows his power and is noble.
    He knows his frailty and is humble.
    The dragon respects himself and therefore others.
    He is a creature of fire and hence can ride the wind.
    I am the Dragon and he is me.

    Think of all that I have not said ;)
    Yeah, that one was hard, gimme a better riddle next time.

    Oh and you missed out the fact that you've perfumed your wings on the scent of the sala flower by the way.

    And I don't think you ever loiter anywhere, I think you are wherever you mean to be at whatever time, that is what the 4 winds are about isn't it....? :)
    Hi Craige,

    Just me, loitering in the background, watching and listening :)

    Who am I?

    The eye of the storm.

    I stand forever in the 4 winds.

    I hear the sound of the Gion Shoja bell and realise the impermanence of all things.

    I am the whispering dragon and he is me....
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