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    Prostar Martial arts

    From what I've heard (and not much), Pro-Star is now called Empower Kickboxing... Still by the MATA organization, I believe. I last saw some information on EKB at about a month back
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    Martial Arts Business Associations: Comparison

    Once a member, you gain access to a massive resource library full of professional marketing materials for martial arts school owners. MATA and MAIA are mostly online-access. NAPMA is a physical package you receive every month (from my knowledge).
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    Martial Arts Business Associations: Comparison

    Hello everyone, After reading many articles including debates over NAPMA, MAIA, MATA, etc., I decided to make a comparison list of the major Martial Arts Business Associations out there (mostly located in US) 1.) Martial Arts Teachers Association (MATA): "Martial Arts Marketing to Enroll More...