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    black belt purchase

    That cost breakdown is about right. We don't have to get a new belt each Dan in Uechi. So mine will be with me for a while. I never wear the actual black belt I was awarded. It's brand new. My Shureido it starting to wear through a little.
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    black belt purchase

    We were awarded standard black belts on test day. Same make as all the other kyu rank belts. There was an option for the Shureido belt if you so desire. $$$ I absolutely love mine.
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    black belts

    The difference is proficiency in your art. You may learn a new kata for each new Dan rank from 1-3 (depending on your school/style) but your overall understanding of the material you are studying is greater. We had paper writing, teaching and tournament requirements at the end of the kyu ranks...
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    Tight schedules but how to be better in Karate

    Just try to squeeze those Kata and basics in throughout the day when you have 5 min. Work out and Condition at least every other day. You are going to be the determining factor in your advancement and progression at this point. When your sensei gives you comments on your kata or a technique try...
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    karate schools in St. Louis area

    Home - Kenyukai Missouri I don't know this instructor but his history sounds good. I am a Uechi Ryu student and some of the circles this school is running in are legitimate traditional karate circles. Uechi is a self defensive style. Not much focus on sport. Good luck.
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    Traditional martial art channel on TV?

    You could have shows with martial arts fails and BS internet crap and saturday afternoon kung fu flicks. I don't know... I might watch this channel. lol
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    Traditional martial art channel on TV?

    With UFC and other MMA brands out there you'd have plenty of filler in between your shows on traditional arts. I'd call it MATV.
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    Demo Bat Break Preparation!

    Thank you. My style of karate is traditional Uechi Ryu. This is a break using my Sanchin stance to protect the vitals from the blow.
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    Demo Bat Break Preparation!

    I decided to put more time in on my conditioning and training for the bat break. I did however do a stomach break this weekend. The camera man got a shot that was perfectly timed. Thanks for your comments and advice. I hope to have a bat break update for you all soon.
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    Karate Homework Suggestions

    At 8 - 6 Kyu you may have a hard time trying to correct and implement every element perfectly. Pick something like footwork for example or your hand strikes. Focus on making those better. Walk through the kata at a super slow, deliberate speed and try to correctly apply each technique. Then move...
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    Do karate schools in the US not teach dirty fighting any more or do you have to move to Japan?

    I study Uechi Ryu here in the good old US of A. We are taught nothing but things I wouldn't want to have done to me. It sounds like you have been looking into sport karate or taeqwondo schools. You will learn a sport if this is where you end up. Not that you couldn't defend yourself with these...
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    How can I increase my stamina

    Sparring Drills: where you stay in and the partner changes out. 1min/2min Spar, 20second rest, fresh partner, another round. 5 rounds or until you can't go anymore. Footwork drills: set up cones in a cross, start in the center of the cross, move forward, back, left and right without stopping...
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    Demo Bat Break Preparation!

    You're right. I am meeting with him tonight and this weekend. Just thought I'd get input from some of you that may have done this before.
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    Demo Bat Break Preparation!

    I have a large concrete rolling pin I started using. I can definitely feel all the dings and dents from over the years.
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    Demo Bat Break Preparation!

    I have been kicking bags and partners (forearms/shins and upper thighs) for the last 5 years. We condition regularly but I don't preform breaks. My instructor is CONDITIONED and experienced in many different breaks and he thinks I will be able to do it. I would be dishonest to say I'm NOT...