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    Is Kenpo a viable fighting and self defense art

    It's decent but a lot depends on the instructor and what you want to get out of it.
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    Bujinkan Kyu Certificate

    Hola, I was looking for my kyu certificate for the last rank I earned as a Bujinkan student. I cannot find it. My old school is gone and I don't know how to locate my old teacher. Is there anyway to get a new copy from somewhere else? Thank you
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    Is one Krav Maga class a week ok if you have a busy schedule?

    You are the best judge of you. Try the 1 day a week training. You may not even like Krav. If that is not the case then maybe you can modify your lifting schedule to accommodate additional Krav time.
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    What clothes do you train in

    I am really focused on my LE training (Krav now). We train in 5.11/BDU/Jeans type pants and a t-shirt for the most part. Sometimes it is sweatpants and a t-shirt.
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    Best self defense handgun

    As an option.... If you get a Glock in .40 you can get a 9mm or .357 Sig conversion barrel (or both), and a .22lr conversion slide/barrel combo. Kind of building up to a modular set up. The 9mm would require a 9mm mag to function a 100% but the .22 kit should come with one. The .357 Sig would...
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    Has anyone Taught their own Children

    I have taught my kids the basics, the same thing I was teaching at the police academy but minus the handcuffing.
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    American Kenpo not a complete art?

    I've only been to two Kenpo (EPAK) schools and one only a few times. Both had the same style and flow of instruction. Neither school felt incomplete. They just felt like Kenpo.
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    The problem with "traditional" martial arts.

    I think this is one of the points I was thinking of. I would be less concerned about beating someone (or even two if possible) as opposed to the option of simply disengaging as the better part of valor. Its much harder to leave a situation if you're in a ground fighting clinch. I have no...
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    The problem with "traditional" martial arts.

    I don't want to compare it to WC specifically. I just feel that MMA is taught/pushed toward competition, one on one. While aspect of mixing your martial training to cover a wide variety of areas is a good thing: different ranges; standing; ground. Focussing on just one opponent could be a...
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    The problem with "traditional" martial arts.

    I feel that most systems offer something but ultimately it is up to how it is presented, practiced and how the student chooses to absorb it. If you teach it like it is simply a way to stay healthy and the combative/defensive aspect does not appear and even if it is, is it realistic? From the...
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    Frustrated and want to improve my physical performance

    For me I use running to build up my cardio. For my core I use Yoga and circuit training. Again though, it is what I am comfortable with. Good luck in whatever you decided to do, just don't quit.
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    I like it all even the compound bow.
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    Concealed Carry and Martial Arts.

    I am an LEO by choice. I am also a martial artist (student really) for the same reason. I carry everywhere I go. I think carrying a firearm is up to the individual whether they are a martial artist or not. My view on firearms is that they are part of "my" martial art. As a cop I have used...
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    Accuracy vs Speed

    Well to add my .02瞽 into this. Accuracy is most important with speed being a bonus. As far as caliber goes, who cares. If you want a cannon that will load 7 (+1) of 50 AE or 6 of 500 mag then carry a cannon. If you just want something that hides great and is super light but only carries 5...
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    Pistol for backpacking

    Hola all, I have taken to backpacking in the Colorado Rockies. I have seen bear, with no issues and have seen moose (mean are the moose). I am looking to start carrying a .357 mag. The only thing I am looking for is at least a 4" barrel and six shots. Having said that does anyone have an...