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    Cobra Kai

    Lol you're really triggered over this. :p Are you ok? Need a tissue or a therapy goat? Coloring book? He took a kid afraid of his own shadow and full of self pity and made him bully proof. Kreese turned Hawk into the kid that tore up Danielle's dojo, not Johnny. Under Johnny, Hawk was kicking...
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    Cobra Kai

    Johnny is the Sergeant Hartman of the Cobra Kai dojo. He transformed Eli into a confident and strong young man. The limitations that everyone else placed on him was holding him back.
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    Cobra Kai

    Revived zombie thread. I disagree. Johnny gave the soft, entitled students a dose of realism they desperately needed.
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    Not New but...

    Thanks. I was able to find my log in info.
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    Not New but...

    That's better...back in my skin.:D
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    Bruce Lee is an excellent example of somebody who really pushed himself

    If Bruce Lee were alive today and didn't star in any movies he would likely be largely unknown outside of his local community. Or, he may have taken up XMA :D
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    Is this true what Bruce Lee said?

    Don King is the epitome of a dirt bag.
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    Bong Preferences

    LOL. Same here
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    Is this true what Bruce Lee said?

    Well, when the bigger guy with bigger hands is a professional fighter that actually won 56 of his 61 fights, it kind of makes a big difference....
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    Preferred weapon choice

    My go to weapon is a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range. :D
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    Man harassed for having a carry permit

    It's Maryland. What did anyone expect from the state that taxes residents based on the amount of rain that falls on their impervious property?
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    "Traditional Marriage" ??

    Tax break?
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    Stupid, irresponsible gun owners

    I want to know why the boy had stolen the handgun in the first place.