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    Being Bullied and dont know what to do? Having trouble speaking up

    Try talking to the sports teacher and tell him you're interested in learning boxing or wrestling but don't have much money, he may have some suggestions.
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    would Krav Maga be the best fit for me?

    If I were you I'd forget about gun & knife defence for now and stick with the basics. First up grappling: wrestling, judo or BJJ. Second, striking: boxing or MT. All very useful in real world situations and you have the advantage of being able to practice (and compete if you wish) against...
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    What Martial Art is Right for Me?

    Some great advice already, but here's my opinion on which styles to learn: Boxing and/or Muay Thai for striking; Wrestling, Judo or BJJ for grappling. There are reasons why all of the MMA experts use and recommend some combination of the above. Also, do your own research: YouTube is a great...
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    And The Answer Is

    3. A Pyrrhic victory is one that comes at too high a cost
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    yip man shuts down bruce lee

    Good story. Might be true, might not be. Believe it if you like, or don't. There doesn't seem to be too much point in arguing about it as no-one will ever prove it one way or the other. Personally I'm a fan of both and would like to think it could be true. Under the likely circumstances and...
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    Regarding diverse approaches to WC...

    I didn't get that impression at all. LFJ is the first person I've seen use it, but I actually thought it was quite clever and inclusive as it retains the letters that all WC spelling variations (that I've seen) have in common without the differences. I wouldn't adopt it myself though as it took...
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    Being tactful and using magic words

    Yet another reason to visit Scandinavia :)
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    Being tactful and using magic words

    So 3 Brits then, or even 4 if he was a Northern Irishman...
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    Regarding diverse approaches to WC...

    I'm finding this so fascinating I started a new thread on it
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    Chi Sau - Can Different Styles/Branches Roll Together?

    So this other thread threw up something I found interesting - post 11 onward - and rather than derail it I thought I'd start a new one. To put it very simply, my understanding was that the aim of Chi-Sau...
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    Would this work?

    Don't underestimate the power of the judo chop. It works against multiple opponents and is very intimidating to potential attackers, as proven in this incident:
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    Regarding diverse approaches to WC...

    I can't do multi-quotes, but I'm intrigued by this whole tangent that different styles/branches can't chi-sau with each other. Can you guys expand on this please? How can they be so different that you can't roll with each other? Surely it only doesn't work for whoever 'loses'? This is coming...
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    Different WCK body power generation mechanics

    Sorry, but I for one am not buying that. It's about as convincing to me as the Kiai master stuff.
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    Are women disadvantaged in striking arts/styles?

    Not necessarily, bad luck can happen to anyone
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    And The Answer Is

    2. What's a portage? Protege? Anyway I'll guess Dan Inosanto...