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    Normalcy Bias and Salman Rushdie

    Security- either asleep at the wheel or complicit. Considering the bounty
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    Where does combat judo fit in?

    Most I have no interest in MA for sport, even though I am much more peace maker than fighter. Ive not seen a Judo video yet, where the perp has been eye gouged, elbowed and kneed, what we call softened up, and then thrown, locked or broken. GM was high level Doce Pares/San Miguel, Judoka and...
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    Where does combat judo fit in?

    Yes, but you have not heard of them
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    Where does combat judo fit in?

    We teach it as part of Eskrido de Alcuizar. I understand, although I might be wrong, that it was created more or less due to the needs of modern military hand to hand combat needs. For those that know Judo tradition/origins, was the combat side ever a part of the system. Is it valid separate MA...
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    Why Silat?

    You should add lucky numbers to the bottom of you posts.
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    Returning After 3 Years

    All the best in your training. The MAs are for a lifetime.
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    Pre-attack Indicators?

    Shifting of stance from being square to a fighting stance is a big one. Taking their eyes off you and surveying for witnesses or for that matter accomplices. Simply moving to close to you when advised to stay away. Probably a bunch more宇oday in class, Ill ask the cops what they look for.
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    Traditional vs Historical Martial Arts?

    LOL. I remember when D Inosanto, let the 4 phase class have a bar room brawl. Prob 20-25 students, each on their own. The only rule was no hitting someone with their back towards you. Now thats historical JKD. No teacher would do that today.
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    "Make violence a choice and no-" you never have a choice..

    Oingo Boingo - Home Again Where is he going - why does he walk that way Sticking his chest out - what is he trying to say He's got charisma - but when he's all alone He curls up in a ball - and wishes that he was Home Again...Home Again...Home Again Lol
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    What is this Stance Called?

    It the stance that allows your opponent to take you off you feet夷ts in many traditional MAs
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    My next chapter doesn't include TKD

    There is a big world out there and some really great arts to explore. Grappling arts would be a great compliment to your TKD, as would boxing or even FMA. Consider it an adventure. At 66 years old (67 in august) Im truly grateful for the different arts Ive trained in and the art Im currently...
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    Customized Martial Art for Boxer

    So much of this comes down to you as an athlete and fighter. If I hear you correctly, you want to train to sports fight and not necessarily combat self defense. Muay Thai is a great art, yes it incorporates kicking, but it also incorporates elbows, knees and throws/sweeps. It doesnt have a...
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    What Parts of Your Curriculum Form Your Art's Identity?

    Many things make the FMA arts different, but this is a major aspect. Beginning students start with hand held weapons and graduate to open hands, although open hands are an integral part of defending and attacking with a weopon. We presuppose that a weopon will be used in a combative...
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    Free standing heavy bag question

    One thought is that people are not suspended or anchored from the top. They have a base, more similar to a free standing bag. The one thing you dont get on a free stander are knee and lower targets. In the FMA oblique kicks to that target range are common.
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    Ranking Martial Arts for Self Defensw

    Well, he certainly doesnt think highly of the FMAs. Cant blame him really, in the early days it was basically a demo art. Then folks taught the art based on the demos they attended. I visited a couple schools that I didnt care for before finding my current school. Still, in the couple...